Birds, Birds, Birds of the Week – 11-17th August, 2018

Actual Bird of the Week

It was about midnight when I heard the hooting. The tawny owl that had been missing from the night sky behind our house for about a year or so was back. (Or it was a completely different owl. I’m not sure it matters enormously.) I opened the skylight and popped my head out to have a better listen. It was quite close. It was very close. It was close-ish. It was very close.  It was possibly two owls, or one owl circling. Do owls call in flight? I don’t know. I can’t see why not though. It wouldn’t make them fall out of the air or anything would it?

Anyway, as I was wondering where the hoot(s) was/were coming from, a shadowy thing swooped silently past me, about ten feet or so away from my head. Lovely stuff. You can’t beat an owl.

Virtual Bird of the Week

I am now well past half way through my attempt to draw every bird on the British List (though they have added another four birds to the list since I started, so I will have to do an appendix or something). Last week was 341. Naumann’s Thrush to 347. Northern Parula, the best of which was probably the former.