Birds, Birds, Birds of the Week – 18-24th August, 2019

Real Bird of the Week

A close run thing this week with not one but two unusual occurrences in the street this week. Most spectacular was a flock of house martins attacking what must have been insects emerging from a nest in a neighbours eaves, twenty or so birds dive bombing and swooping around. But the highlight of the week was a willow warbler accompanying a family of blue tits sitting in the tree in front of our house. Willow warblers breed quite close to our house but this was a first for the garden.

Drawn Bird of the Week

My best drawing this week was probably the ortolan bunting I drew on Monday but my favourite was the osprey from the following day. I embraced the scruffiness of ospreys and was rewarded with a drawing that had a lot of personality. Not that ospreys have a whole lot of personality, but you know what I mean.