Birds, Birds, Birds of the Week – 25th-31st August, 2019

I didn’t get out much during the summer holidays. The birds hoping got neglected. Sorry birds.

Which is not to say I didn’t see anything. Sometimes the birds come to you. Sometimes the tiniest of detours will produce a bird or too. Last week my detour was from Marylebone Station to The Regent’s Park to see a ring-necked parakeet or two. Despite being luminous green, they can blend into the trees and you might miss them if you weren’t looking for them. Luckily, they are bastard loud, so you hear them way before you see them, squawking in the way parrots should.

As for my favourite bird I drew this week? I posted it last week. I think I got my dates muddled up. I’ll try to sort things out by September…