Like almost nearly Christmas

It’s basically Christmas, yes?

I like Christmas. It’s nice. The people are nice. Take a walk around where you live at five am on Christmas morning and, guess what, you will find yourself saying Merry Christmas to strangers. And strangers will say Merry Christmas to you.

Or you could just stay in bed. That’s nice too. Being in bed on Christmas morning, all Christmas-y. Yeah. It’s good that.

What else? You get Twiglets in a tube instead a packet. Well, they are still in a packet, but the packet is in a tube. A Christmas tube. It’s not ideal for the environment, the tube, with it being unnecessary extra packaging and all that, but it’s tradition, I guess.

What else?

OK. It’s not Christmas yet. Fine. I just wanted to show you my new tree decoration. A Christmas Crab! Is it a clever reference to the crabs of Christmas Island? No. I don’t think so. I think it’s just a crab. But look! He’s got a little star!