Day One of this kind-of advent calendar clear-out thing I’m doing…

Clear out the loft space, do a tip run, etc


So, funny story…

Well, funny-ish…

Well, a story…

Well, an anecdote…



When I came up with this incredibly interesting and exciting plan of having a big clear-out in December, the wasps that had decided to nest in our attic this year were still hanging around, all bumbly and grumpy, so there was no way I was actually looking in the loft space to see what was there. But I was sure there was a load of junk in there. And so, I dedicated a day to getting rid of it. Turns out there was nothing in there. Or at least nothing much. Definitely nothing worth a trip to the tip.

Even the wasps are gone.

So… yeah… that’s today. See you tomorrow.

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