Day Three of this kind-of advent calendar clear-out thing that I’m doing…

Books (General)


Marie Kondo divides books into four categories – General, Practical and Visual, Magazines, and Unread. It is a terrible way of categorising books. Magazines aren’t even books, are they? They’re magazines. But I’ve started this stupid project now so here we are. We are just going to have to get on with it. Make the best of it and all that.

Tidying books isn’t new to me. Every now and then I sort through them and get rid of a few. I don’t see any point in keeping books I haven’t enjoyed because I know somebody else will enjoy them. Set them free, I say. Let them find a reader who loves them. Consequently, this was quite an easy day of sorting. A couple of books to sell, a dozen or so to the charity shop, a handful for the recycling bin. Everything else, back on the shelf. Job done.

Or almost done. The more observant among you will have noticed the photo of a Moomin book in a box. What’s that all about, eh? Well, long story short, I had two copies.

More excitingly, that Moomin book is the first part of what will, by Christmas, be possibly the greatest prize ever given away in the history of prizes that have been given away by people giving away prizes to people, like ever ever in the world ever! Here’s the plan – every day, as I sort through my stuff, I will add something to the box. Then, on Christmas Day, I will put a little quiz up on the blog. The winner of the quiz will win all the stuff.

Wait. Did I just turn this advent calendar for me into an advent calendar for you? Why, yes. Yes I did. It’s quite the twist, isn’t it?