Day Four of this kind-of advent calendar thing that I’m doing…

Books (Practical and Visual)


What does practical and visual books even mean? Books with pictures in I guess. And dictionaries and that, yeah? Anyway, this took even less sorting than yesterday. Marie Kondo says you should hold each item in your hand and see if it ‘sparks joy’ but I mean, duh, they’ve got pictures in, so like obviously they spark joy. Everyone likes pictures.

Cook books? Need them. Art books? Need. Film books? Need. Comic books? Need them too. All of them. Bird books? Need to the maximum. Even the three books about gull identification that I haven’t read yet? Yep. Need, need and need. The allotment book? Maybe. I have been on the waiting list for an allotment for six years and am beginning to think I will never get one but, for now, still need.

In short, need.

OK, so I got rid of a couple of books. OK, four. And of those four books, the one I chose to add to the mega mega prize mega box (mega) is Frank by Jon Ronson. It’s a good book. You’ll enjoy it.