Day Seven of the kind-of advent calendar clear-out thing that I’m doing…

Bathroom stuff


I am aware that some people have lots of things in their bathroom cabinet that they don’t really use. Bath bombs, unwanted things that you got off a nan, crappy gift sets that your secret santa bought in the January sales the year before, expired medicine, a soap you stole from a hotel but then you didn’t like the smell of…

Not me. I run a pretty tight ship, smellies-wise.

I don’t work in an office so I don’t accumulate gift sets from secret santas. I don’t wear aftershave because, since the start of the last century (and especially in the post-war period) the widespread use of washing machines has made the use of strong smelling liquids to cover the stench of stale sweat and piss in our clothes largely redundant. I rarely go to hotels that are posh enough to have soaps worth stealing. Most things I own I use most days.

So this was a very easy sorting day. I’ve got some beard balm that is superfluous because I don’t have a beard but you never know when you might grow one, do you, so I kept it. Apart from that, everything was obviously a ‘keeper’. Even the Lemsip was in date.

OK, I did find one bathbomb. Consider it yours, mate. Consider it yours.