Day Eight of this kind-of advent calendar clear-out thing that I’m doing…



Marie Kondo recommends you get rid of all your paper. Payslips, receipts, statements, the lot. As with a lot of her ideas, it is an imperfect one. You really should keep some of that stuff. You might need them one day and they really don’t take up any room, do they? It isn’t going to kill you, is it? Keeping some papers. Shove ’em in a shoe box and shove the shoe box in a cupboard and then shut up about it.

I did get rid of a lot of bits of paper though. I did have a lot of scraps of paper with bad story ideas on them. A lot of to do lists of things I have done or never will. Stuff. I filled half a wheelie bin. I feel all the better for it.

And while I was sorting I came across a few copies of my tiny novel ‘this is called this is called this is a true story’ that I wrote for a performance at the Royal Exchange a few years ago, and then also read at the Rochdale Literature Festival. People seemed to like it. It’s short, which is always a good start when you are doing a reading, I find. Anyway, you might like it.

It’s starting to fill up nicely now, our little prize box. Just think how much it will have in it by Christmas, when you will be able to win it and everything.