Day Ten of this kind-of advent calendar clear-out thing I’m doing…



You can divide the DVDs you own into two categories: things you bought because you already know you like them and things you bought because you wanted to see them. Knowing that makes DVDs really easy to sort. Go through the first lot and decide whether you still like them or not and then go through the second lot and decide whether, having now seen them, you want to watch them again. Easy.

There might be some you haven’t seen yet. Decide whether you still want to. Easy.

I did that. I also transferred a lot of DVDs from their massive cases and into small, easily stored, sleeves. Easy.

I kept most things.

But you don’t care about any of that. You only want to know about the giveaway. Well, you get a copy of The Villianess, which I wanted to see, saw, really enjoyed but don’t need to see again, and Gravity, which I wanted to see, but now can’t be bothered to watch because I accidentally found out what happens and sure, it shouldn’t matter, but it kind of does, doesn’t it? Enjoy.