Day Thirteen of this stupid stupid advent calendar thing that I’m still doing but at least you might win some free stuff, eh?

Household Equipment: stationery, sewing kit, etc


Did I copy that heading from the book or just dream it? What infinities does that ‘etc’ represent?

In the end I just ignored the ‘etc’ and concentrated on sorting through my stationery and my sewing kit.

My sewing kit is pretty basic – needles, thread, a few pins, a measuring tape, a pair of those little scissors (but nice ones, not the really tiny cheap ones), a thimble, a box of safety pins, and a seam ripper. Oh, and one of those metal things with a face on that help you to thread a needle. I keep it all in a wooden box that once contained a sacher-torte. There isn’t anything to sort or declutter.

Stationery on the other hand. Blimey. Do I have lots of pens? Oh my. I do. I do.

I do drawing now. I draw birds and that. So, when you think about it, like properly think about it, it’s ok for me to own several million pens, isn’t it? I want to keep them all. Soz.

However, I needed to add to the prize fund, so I did a tiny bit of whittling and sorted you out a few pens. Some nice Stabilo ones, a pleasing-to-use red one, a pencil sharpener with a friendly ‘Hi!’ on it and a couple of biros including one of the finest pens known to mankind, the BIC Orange Original Fine Ballpoint Pens Fine Point (0.8 mm) – Blue. What a pen that is.