Day fifteen of this advent calendar sorting Marie Kondo clear-out thing I’m now committed to getting finished…

Toys, games, nostalgic bits and bobs etc


I’m keeping all my preciouses. Soz, Marie Kondo.


However, as I am a generous soul, I have decided to part with two toys, you know, for your big Christmas prize. The silvery grey thing at the top of the photo is a Star Wars cannon of some kind (specifically the kind somebody or other used on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back*). It has a button on it that makes the cannon fall apart. This allows you to recreate the moment in The Empire Strike Back when a cannon gets shot and explodes. There is no point underselling this: for fans of exploding cannons in the 1980s, this was a real game changer. One button. Boom! Amazing.

Even more excitingly, just below it on the photo, an actual shuriken throwing thing with rubber suckers that sticks on windows and everything!! Just imagine how many things you can accidentally break while acting the tit, pretending to be a ninja. Brilliant!**


*OK, that is stretching the limits of the word ‘specifically’ a tad. It’s a big gun in a Star Wars film. You are a grown adult. That should be enough information for you.

**Obviously, I would like to distance myself, legally, from any damage caused by your throwing the thing about like an idiot. You are your own boss. You make your own decisions. I cannot be held responsible for your buffoonery.