Day Nineteen of this stupid sorting idea I had that now bears almost no resemblance to Marie Kondo’s method but I’m almost finished now so fuck it yeah

To-do stuff and stuff to do


I shouldn’t have to tell you that this category is one of my own making. I should probably explain what I mean by To-do stuff and what I mean by stuff to do, and the difference between the two different types of stuff, and doing. To-do stuff is stuff I need to do, you know, like chores and that. Stuff to do is stuff that I need to do, or should get round to doing, you know, like Make Your Own Death Drone kits left over from old birthday parties and the like.

That makes sense, doesn’t it? Yes? Good.

Anyway, because it is all stuff I need to do (or stuff that needs doing) I can’t really get rid of any of it, can I? I haven’t done it yet. That’s why it is stuff to do (or to-do stuff). When I do do the stuff that needs doing (and get round to doing the to-do stuff that I should have already done) I will get rid of the stuff I didn’t like doing and any stuff that I no longer need now I have done the stuff I needed to do, you know, like empty boxes and that.

That still all makes sense, yes? Cool.

Anyway, more relevantly, and hopefully more coherently, one of the jobs I thought I would get round to doing this year was learning to love Double Indemnity. It’s a film I saw some time ago and didn’t think much of. I don’t actually remember a lot about it. It’s mostly about slightly dull people being unpleasant to each other, I think. I may be remembering it incorrectly though because I have read numerous things, by numerous people whose opinion on film I respect, saying it is one of the greatest movies of all time. I thought the least I could do was buy the BFI guide to it to explore what I missed when I saw it. Then I saw the film in a charity shop, so I bought that too.

I’m going to level with you; I will never watch Double Indemnity. There will always be something I want to see more. There are just too many films to see. Sorry, Billy Wilder. That’s just how things are.

So I’m chucking it in the box, the bluray, the book, the lot. And I’m chucking in a couple of other BFI books too, because I’m just that nice.