Day Twenty-Two of what started off as a Marie Kondo inspired clear-out but now is just a build up to a Christmas giveaway

OK, I was supposed to clear out the shed or something today but I did that about a month ago anyway so it would be borderline ceremonial to do it again so soon. I don’t think I’ve even opened it since then. The few things that are in it are still in it. A half-inflated football, a spade, a surprisingly cumbersome barbecue. I’m quietly confident they are still there. So, yeah, not doing that.

But fear not, for I have got something for the prize fund, and no, it isn’t that half-inflated football. It’s three Muriel Spark novels. I treated myself to a full set of Polygon’s centenary editions of Muriel Spark’s novels this year because, a) she is the greatest novelist of all time and, b) I like nice things. And so, I have spares, and three of them could be yours. Nice.