2019, a year in… birds

My three best birds of 2019 were…

  • My number one bird of the year was the Common Redpoll I found among a flock of Lesser Redpolls on my ‘patch’ (ie the place close to my house that I go to the most often to look at the birds). Common redpolls are quite similar to Lesser Redpolls but, contrary to what their name suggests, much less common. Rare enough in fact to make the county rarity report in Bird Watching magazine, which is pretty fancy when you come to think about it. And found by me, a chump with a pair of binoculars. Nice.
  • I also got a lot of pleasure from finding a Dartford Warbler by myself. I can’t tell you where I saw it, in case you nick its eggs like a dickhead, but I saw it and it was lovely.
  • Finally, I saw my first black tern last year. One of the great things about learning to drive is the freedom to get out a bit more (and for longer because you don’t have to spend three hours on a train there and three hours on a train back). A trip to Leighton Moss last May provided great views of one of these very handsome things.


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