2019, a year in… news

Oh Jesus blimey Christ did I consume some news last year.

It seemed important when everything was in flux to know what was happening. I’m not sure it was. It didn’t change anything, did it, seeing Mark Francois’ face on a near-daily basis? It just brought my mood down. It just made me sad.

Since Johnson, the shit newspaper columnist of our hearts, won the general election I have cut down my news intake massively. Here’s how I see it: the period between the referendum and the 2019 election felt a bit like being a boxer who doesn’t know who their next fight will be against. It was worth watching the other fights and listening to the experts because it might affect what happened next. In contrast, a massive Tory majority is like being the same boxer except now you know your next fight is going top be against Tyson Fury. All the details and side issues are less relevant because you are, quite soon, going to receive an almighty punch to the face. Knowing exactly when it is coming won’t help because you haven’t got the means to stop it anyway. All you can do is stock up on ibuprofen.

What were my sources? Well (deep breath) PM, C4 News, BBC News, The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, i, The Economist, The Financial Times, The Financial Times podcast, The New Statesman podcast, the World View podcast, the Talking Politics podcast, Twitter, Time, Newsweek, The Mirror, The World Service, 5Live, etc etc

Too much.

I’m cutting way back in 2020. I will still listen to the podcasts, and still watch/read the news, but only enough that I still get the jokes in Marina Hyde’s column. Anything more is a strain on my mental well being.


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