A writing to-do list for… February 2020

OK, by now we are all half way through our January targets (HA HA HA HA HA) and ready to think about February, yes? (NO).

So here we go. Six targets for February…

  • Take a long hard look at yourself, mate

    Sorry. This is more for me than you. I haven’t really had the best first half of January. Who knew getting flu would slow me down so much, eh? I really needed that fortnight. Stupid disease. Anyway, I will be spending the first part of February catching up with stuff and reassessing how much I can actually achieve in a month etc. Then, if I have any time left, I will be thinking about the following stuff…

  • The BBC National Short Story Award

    The BBC National Short Story Award is a biggy. You have to have had something published to enter, and the huge prize/free entry combination means every single writer in Britain enters the bloody thing. Still, you got to be in it to win it, yeah? Yeah? The deadline is the 9th of March.

  • The Bridport Prize

    You have months until the deadline, but entries are open so why not get something in now? The Bridport Prize is quite a big deal so maybe you should be punctual for a change. Not that it will in any way affect how your entry is judged of course. Anyway, should you decide not to do this in February, the deadline is the 31st of May.

  • Quantum Shorts

    What’s this? Free to enter. A $1500 first prize. Interesting. What’s the catch? You have to write a story of less than 1000 words that is inspired by quantum physics? Well, I’ve done that before so I can do it again, probably. Sweet. Get your story to Quantum Shorts by the deadline of the 29th of February.

  • Go on then, I’ll do another competition…

    How about The Short Fiction/University of Essex Prize? It’s judged by Jon McGregor and he published a piece by a good friend of mine who is an excellent writer so if you are also an excellent writer you might win. You don’t even need to be my friend (but obviously it will be nicer for me if you are). The deadline is the 31st of March but if you enter in January or February it’s a bit cheaper.

  • Dude. That’s a lot of competitions. Shouldn’t I send something to a magazine as well?

    You probably should you know. I’m thinking about sending something to Here Comes Everyone because it is a ‘green’ themed issue and I have something that might fit that nicely. You could send something too if you like. The deadline is the 10th of February.