Oh, yeah, that competition…

Remember the anagrams competition I did at Christmas? Well, nobody won. It was too hard or something. I dunno. So, I have decided that next year (the anagram quiz is annual now) the rules will be slightly different.

As I said, nobody got enough answers right to win, but Bethany Ross did contact me to say she enjoyed the quiz and to wish me a happy new year. I thought that was a nice thing to do. I thought I would reward that.

So next year, when the prize will be even bigger and better (and oh em gee so good I’m amazed to the maximum just thinking about it), the person with the most correct answers will be the winner UNLESS there is a tie IN WHICH CASE Bethany Ross WILL WIN the prize.

This is now rule 1(a), commonly referred to as ‘the Bethany Ross clause’.

I mean, yeah, there is like eleven months until the next competition. Sure. Fine. Whatever. Forewarned is four… hmmm… forewarned is something. I know that.