Ben’s Brilliant Best Albums of the 1990s. No. 91. The Yummy Fur – Male Shadow at Three O’Clock

It’s not really an album, Male Shadow at Three O’Clock, more of an EP. But as everything gets called an album now, what with the streaming and that, I thought I might sneak this one into my list without anyone noticing. Of course, I’ve mentioned it now, so my wheeze is blown somewhat. I probably should have kept my big mouth shut. Oh well. Too late now.

And fine, while I’m confessing anyway, I should probably mention that I don’t actually love six out of the seven tracks on Male Shadow at Three O’Clock. Some are pretty good, most are ok to middling.

But then there is The Canadian Flag. A titanium colossus standing tall not only over this album (fine, EP) but over the entirety of The Yummy Fur’s output. More than that. It’s one of the finest songs of the decade. One of the biggest songs ever. It’s huge. A more inquisitive mind might wonder, how did a band so jangly and slight make a song so anthemic, so big? It’s a cosmic accident of, I dunno, cosmic proportions or something. Me? Too busy singing along to care, mate. Soz.

It’s so big a song that it turns what would otherwise be just one more independently released EP lost among a thousand others into the ninety-first best album of the 1990s. Like, definitively and that. You can’t argue with maths dude. It’s just the way it is.