On not seeing owls

…a very interesting birds update…

So, I went away for a weekend (and yeah, I came home a day early to avoid getting soaked and then driving home in a storm, but I still went away). I tried to see an owl that lives on an island but when I got there it was too foggy to even see the island. I waited for an hour or so for the fog to lift and when it did it revealed absolutely no owls. By that point the hide was full of people, one of whom was loudly trying to convince himself (and anyone else who would listen) that a tree he was looking at was actually an owl. Frankly, it all got a bit much. I drove to the RSPB reserve on Frampton Marsh and saw lots of geese and things instead. It was proper magical, mate.

On Saturday I drove up the coast, mostly not seeing anything, then across to near Leeds, then home. Have you ever been on the M180? Nice bit of road that. Anyway, I went to near Leeds to see a different owl.

I didn’t see that owl either.

But, and yes this story does have a happy ending, thank you for asking, while driving to Skegness in the pitch black before dawn hours of Saturday morning I saw an owl. A barn owl.

Owls, eh? It makes you think.


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  1. The Mabinogi involves evil Blodeuwedd being turned into an owl – the bird that hunts at night because all the daytime birds hate it. They’re the jerks of the bird world.

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