Skegness Standard

I was in Skegness on Saturday so I picked up the local paper. The Skegness Standard is actually published on a Wednesday, not at the weekend, but it was still on the stand on Saturday morning so it counts.

  • Recipe

    No recipe. 0/5

  • Puzzles

    Not a bad selection at all. A sudoku and a kakuru. A codeword and a crossword. Another sudoku. A few word puzzles. Pretty good. 4/5

  • Cartoons

    No cartoon. 0/5

  • Horoscope

    No horoscope. 0/5

  • TV

    The recommended tv show is on Apple+ tv, which I don’t have, so to be fair(ish) I’m going to give it a 4/5.

  • Radio

    No radio section, but there is a podcast recommendation and, you know, get with the program grandad, podcasts are radio now. I am not going to mention the podcast they recommended, because it was fucking ghastly, and if you can’t say anything nice etc etc, but to give you an idea of what it was like, the first words I heard after skipping forward a few minutes (to try to get past the intro) were, “these people”. 0/5

  • Music

    There were two albums of the week and they were by Blossoms and Kesha. I listened to both of them but I didn’t love them. 2/5

  • Books Section

    Considering how small a budget the Skegness Standard is clearly working with, and what they have decided they had to cut to keep afloat, the fact that they found space for three book reviews should be celebrated. 5/5

  • Leader

    The closest they come to a leader is ‘The news feature’ which was about Brexit and, given how up for leaving the EU Lincolnshire is, it was surprisingly balanced. 3/5

  • Interview

    A very brief interview with the Pet Shop Boys that might just be cribbed from the Guardian interview from last week but, for legal reasons, I want to say almost certainly wasn’t. 3/5

  • Article

    A two page feature about fighter pilot Guy Gibson. Quite interesting. 3/5

  • Column

    The column in the Skegness Standard is by the Chief Operating Officer at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Simon Evans. It isn’t really a column so much as a list of things like ‘get your flu injection’ and ‘don’t visit friends and family in hospital if you have norovirus’ formatted to look like a column. It’s better than Jeremy Clarkson’s weird otter rant from The Sunday Times last week though, so it will have to get 2/5.

  • Letter

    No letters. What is the point of a local paper with no letters page? Give me the madness of a local newspaper letters page, please. There is a Reader’s Picture, which is a nice photo of a church, the taker of which remembers “cleaning the church brass with the local Brownies group” as a child. It’s no Angry, from Wainfleet St Mary but it’s something. 2/5

  • Travel

    No travel section but, in fairness, if you live in Skegness why would you need to go on holiday? 4/5

  • Garden

    A pleasant article about snowdrops. 3/5

  • Actually do something…

    Not much in the way of recommendations of things to do except have a flu vaccination and see some snowdrops. I can’t do either of those things this week but they are pretty solid recommendations so… 4/5

  • Cars

    Ford do a car called a Puma apparently. Sorry, I sort of drifted off after that because I’m not actually very interested in cars. No rant about otters though, so again it has to beat Clarkson’s score from last week. 3/5

  • Home

    A bit on boosting the value of your property. Open-plan living is still the way, apparently. I remain unconvinced by open-plan living. I lived in a flat that was open-plan for a year and it was shit. 1/5

  • Actually buy something…

    Nothing in the paper caught my fancy but I did buy some rock when I bought the paper so that counts, yeah? Did you know they do Cornish pasty flavoured rock now? Modern technology, eh? 2/5

  • Fashion

    No fashion at all. 0/5

Total Score = 45

Nothing to be ashamed of, a 45. Especially when you take into account how many points Skegness Standard lost because of things that have been dropped to save money. An accurate horoscope and a cartoon or two and it would have been up there competing with The Sunday Times.



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