Ben’s Brilliant Best Albums of the 1990s. No. 85. Dave Graney ‘n’ the Coral Snakes – Night of the Wolverine

Remember when Dave Graney was on Neighbours? He played himself. No? Toadie (Ryan Moloney) interviewed him on his radio show. Toadie (Ryan Moloney) was really nervous about meeting Dave Graney (Dave Graney) because he was one of his heroes He got tongue-tied and managed to insult him. Dave Graney (Dave Graney) stormed out of the studio but only got as far as a cafe (which was possibly located somewhere in the Lassiter’s complex) where he saw Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) and was befuddled by her beauty. He had to know who she was. He had to. Luckily, Toadie (Ryan Moloney) was walking by at that moment. Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Dave Graney (Dave Graney) became friends and Dave Graney (Dave Graney) asked Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) to run away with him. She politely declined his offer, as you would expect.You don’t just ask Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) to run away with you.

Incidentally, did you know that Alan Fletcher, who played Carl Kennedy, was once in a TV movie with Scott Bakula? Or that Scott Bakula was in American Beauty? I have absolutely no memory of Scott Bakula being in American Beauty. I remember there was a dad (and possibly another dad) and one of the dads (possibly both of the dads) was a bit sad about something or other. Were they sad about America? Did they have everything they ever wanted but somehow that wasn’t enough, or it made things worse somehow, or somehow somehow somehow? I dunno. Was there a bit with a plastic bag? Did someone film plastic bags in the wind? I think so. I think it was a metaphor for America or something like that. Two things I don’t remember about American Beauty are liking any of it and/or Scott Bakula being in it. Apparently he was though.

I’ve just had a look on imdb and Annette Bening was in American Beauty, and Allison Janney too. I mean, I’m not going to watch it again or anything like that, but if they are in it I should at least entertain the idea that it is a decent film.

I may have wandered off topic. Where was I?

Oh, yes. Night of the Wolverine. It’s a cracking album.