Ben’s Brilliant Best Albums of the 1990s. No. 83. Betty Boo – Boomania

OK, fine, Boomania isn’t a subtly curated masterpiece. Two of its fourteen tracks are Where Are You Baby? and two are Doin’ the Do. But it is something of a solid gold pop banger. And, I ask you this: what album of the 90s wouldn’t be improved by having two versions of Where Are You Baby? on it? Eh? Eh?

Think about it? What if Nevermind had the original version of Where Are You Baby? sitting between Smells Like Teen Spirit and In Bloom and also Where Are You Baby (King John Mix) waiting for you after Something In The Way? What then? Eh? Yeah? Instead of Nirvana ending the album on what is, let’s be honest, a bit of a downer, you’d finish listening to it with a smile. You’d be thinking, “I wouldn’t mind hearing Where Are You Baby? again.” And you could, because it would be on side one too.

OK Computer is a fine album, but wouldn’t having two versions of Doin’ the Do in it balance out the mood a little? Add a little pep to the gloom? A bit of zip.

I feel I should stress here, quite vehemently, that I am not being flippant. Betty Boo is a legend. Where Are You Baby? is a better song than anything on Nevermind or OK Computer. I could spend the next hour of my life writing five hundred words explaining to you why it is, and how, and why, but I suspect you will ignore me so what would be the point? Let’s agree to disagree, and that you are wrong.