Eleven well interesting things about owls

The word owl comes from the Latin owlus which means ‘howling birds’. Dictionary boffins reckon that the Romans gave owls this name due to their distinctive habit of never shutting the fuck up.

Little Owls are actually quite big, way bigger than a jar of marmalade or something like that.

Everyone knows that owls can turn their heads all the way round and stuff, but did you know that if you push down while turning their lids actually unscrew all the way off?

Owls eat worms which is disgusting.

A Barn Owl’s flight is almost silent. They manage this by having specially shaped feathers that funnel air smoothly over the wing, only ever wearing those expensive headphones that Dr. Dre sells, and never eating posh crisps.

The best sort of owl is the Great Grey Owl, which has a really cool face.

The only owl to have a successful acting career was the little mechanical one in the 1981 film, Clash of the Titans. ‘Bubo’ won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor at the 54th Academy Awards, beating John Gielgud, Ian Holm, and Jack Nicholson to the honour. However, being metal, he isn’t a proper owl, so it doesn’t really count.

There is a type of owl in Australia called the Powerful Owl. Dude, I’m not even making this one up.

Ornithologists have always had a good laugh about the name Long Eared Owl because their long ‘ears’ are really just tufts made out of feathers. Anyway, long story short, one of them got bored one day and had a look under the feathers of a Long Eared Owl and it turns out their ears actually are quite long.

If you go for a walk in the woods, and if you are lucky, you might find some owl pellets.  These are masses of indigestible material, compacted together in the owl’s gizzard and then regurgitated. If you gently pull apart an owl pellet you might find bones, feathers, claws, and even teeth! It is worth remembering though, that by dismantling an owl pellet you are basically pissing around in somebody else’s sick, which is well rank.

Owls don’t make good pets, unless you are a Harry Potter wizard or that girl out of Labyrinth, and they were all magic owls anyway, which is different.