Ben’s Brilliant Best Albums of the 1990s. No. 82. Gravediggaz – Six Feet Deep

Horrorcore is a difficult genre to get right. The proportion of good to bad horrorcore albums is similar to that of horror movies, which is to say there is a lot of crap among the classics. Of course, if you are attempting to record an album that beats those odds, it helps if you have Prince Paul and the RZA making it. 6 Feet Deep is the pinnacle of the genre, musically and lyrically innovative, laced with a rich vein of dark humour, serious and silly in equal measure. A lot of it is considerably more funky than something so steeped in horror imagery has any right to be.

Released three weeks before Definitely Maybe, it was one of the last wave of albums that found their way onto the indie club dance floor before everything went soft guitar Travis and bland*. Bang Your Head paired nicely with Bodycount’s in The House or Faith No More and Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.’s Another Body Murdered or something by Pop Will Eat Itself. Good times.

And 6 Feet Deep has aged incredibly well. The production still sounds amazing (which, obviously, shouldn’t be too much of a surprise given who was involved but is still worth mentioning) and the songs sound as fresh as they did twenty five years ago. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you missed it the first time.



*Yes, I know I have ranted about Oasis (or more accurately the wave of Oasis-lite bands that followed Oasis) ruining indie clubs before. I make no apology for repeating myself. I’m still bitter.