Quarantine. Week Zero.

So, that’s that then. Friday saw the last school run of the academic year, and only twenty or so weeks early. I am the teacher now. What could go wrong?

Yesterday we planted some flower seeds that I bought from Lidl. At the moment it’s just a load of soil with bits in, but who knows what a bit of water and some sun might bring, eh? Hopefully it will provide something nice to look at during week fifty-eight of lockdown or whatever.

Today I rang BUT DIDN’T VISIT, OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE I’M NOT A MONSTER both* my moms** and had a Google hangout with some friends who normally I would see in an IRL hangout***. I saw a cat I hadn’t seen before. There is good in every situation if you look for it.


*Yep, two moms. A step one and a, for want of a more accurate description, normal one.
**I’m from the West Midlands. I didn’t even know ‘mum’ was a word until I was twenty six.
***A pub, but you already knew that.