Ben’s Brilliant Best Albums of the 1990s. No. 80. Orbital – In Sides

Re-listening to this album it strikes me that a) I have never heard any of Orbital’s other albums from the 1990s, and b) if In Sides didn’t have that big SCHWUM SCHWUM noise at the start of The Girl with the Sun in Her Head it might not have made my top 100.

And also c) I think I might be an idiot what is this list trying to prove anyway why didn’t I just listen to some Orbital records instead of being swayed by a big schwum noise omg I am the worst music writing person ever.

And I have made the cover look like a load of different coloured bums or something. Well, some of it anyway. Not the wibbly bits, obviously. But the yellow bit, certainly. Very bum-like. Sorry, Orbital.

I like Petrol still, a lot. It’s dead urgent and that. The Box is very good. They shouldn’t have put The Saint on the re-release because it’s a bit rubbish. Phew, top analysis this, yeah? Errr. It’s a very good album. Very good. Yeah, that’ll do. That’s two hundred words, if you count this sentence too, which I do, because it is a sentence of