Ben’s Brilliant Best Albums of the 1990s. No. 77. Kerbdog – On the Turn

Kilkenny’s greatest rock band, Kerbdog should have been massive but weren’t. Like quite a few bands in the 1990s, they signed with a major record label and things went badly. But now you can stream anything, anywhere, there is no excuse for not catching up with what is a ridiculously good album.

It’s hard to describe without potentially putting you off it. For example, if you like Biffy Clyro you will probably love On the Turn but if you don’t like Biffy Clyro, or are indifferent to Biffy Clyro, you may still love On the Turn. It doesn’t actually sound like Biffy Clyro, but it is in that power-pop pop-rock something-something ballpark.

I shouldn’t have mentioned Biffy Clyro, should I? You aren’t going to listen to it, are you?

Look. I’m not a massive fan of Biffy Clyro either, mate. I like that I am the mountain I am the sea one because that’s a dead good one but the rest of it I can take or leave. Don’t get bogged down in the Biffy Clyro thing. Just listen to the Kerbdog album.

Stop thinking about Biffy Clyro.

Seriously. Let it go. Let. It. Go.

Give Kerbdog a go. Why not try Sally, the first track on On the Turn and listen to how they build melodies by overlapping the ends of verses and choruses to create a collage of really good song. Damn. That sentence started better than it ended, didn’t it? Luckily (and top writing here, Ben, btw) the album doesn’t start better than it ends. It is great all the way through.

So, in conclusion, forget I even mentioned Biffy Clyro.