Ben’s Brilliant Best Albums of the 1990s. No. 78. Dream Warriors – And Now the Legacy Begins

Confession time…

OK… so… I know De La Soul were smarter and A Tribe Called Quest were better and yeah, of course, other bands were other things too but… when I want to listen to a kind-of-daisy-age-of-hip-hop-whatever-that-actually-means album I usually reach for… ok, I usually reach for Three Feet High and Rising but it was released in 1989 so it doesn’t count… but after that I reach for And Now the Legacy Begins. So when we do the 80s we can talk about De La Soul (and when we do the 2010s we can talk about A Tribe Called Quest) but for now lets concentrate on Dream Warriors.

But not for any real amount of time because I have no confidence I will bring anyone round to my way of thinking on this one. I just think it’s a fun album, you know.

Yep. That just about covers it.