Ten little things that are helping a lot…

  1. Really big, commercial albums. Abba Gold, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Abbey Road. Normally I wouldn’t reach for them very often, but having a bit of a sing is a nice thing to do when you are stuck indoors.
  2. The birds in the garden. Our garden is quite small but there is a corridor of trees behind it so we get a pretty decent range of stuff flying in and out. Regular highlights include nuthatch, tawny owl and great spotted woodpecker. We had a greenfinch in this morning, which was nice.
  3. Ferrero Rocher. Is there anything more delicious in the world? Maybe something savoury. But of all the sweet stuff? No competition. Blimey, they’re good.
  4. The massive bee that flew into the house this afternoon. OK, so there was a bit of a moment when it arrived, with a frightened child and a disgruntled bee, with screaming and buzzing, but nobody was hurt, nobody was stung. And, if you ignore that (which I am choosing to do, for the purposes of compiling this list) it really was a pretty cool bee.
  5. Ferrero Rocher. Which I might have mentioned already, but I’m hoping they’ll post some to me for saying nice things about them. They are great by the way, Ferrero Rocher. Really, really, really very tasty indeed.
  6. The fact that there is a new series of The Good Fight coming soon. Because, you know, it’s the best thing on television.
  7. Ferrero Rocher. I really can’t emphasise how much I love them, or how much I would like someone to send me a load of them, and save me quite a bit of money.
  8. Being inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lockdown fitness plan. I don’t intend to try the thing he does with a pole and two chairs (because it looks like a foolproof plan to crush your skull between two chairs) but I’m thinking I could do a press up or two in the mornings and make Arnie proud.
  9. Ferrero Rocher. Just wanted to say, that last thing I said, about saving money, it’s not that I think Ferrero Rocher are too expensive. They are, after all, a luxury item. It’s just that I’m getting through quite a lot of them at the moment.
  10. Ferrero Rocher. Because they are so delicious. Mmmm Mmmm. Please send me some of those boxes of super tasty Ferrero Rocher. So good. So tasty and delicious and good. Thank you xx.