The Best Music Recommender In The World (Bands beginning with B, Europe)

  • Björk – Debut (Iceland)

    We start with an absolute classic. Suggested by jummo70 (@jummo70), Debut is obviously a great way to start the day. Get the kettle on, let’s have a second coffee and discover some new music, yeah?

  • Biosphere – Patashnik (Norway)

    Fat Roland (@FatRoland) did not get off to a good start last week (I liked his choices but not enough for him to score any points) and even considered suggesting something he knew I would like but then…
    I admire his bravery, but will I reward it? Only time will tell.

  • Barbara Morgenstern – Nichts Muss (Germany)

    The main reason for starting this whole stupid project in the first place was to find and discover great new music that I haven’t heard before and is new to me. Monsterlander (@Monsterlander) suggested this album and it did all five (or is that four? Doesn’t matter. You’re getting yourself confused, Ben.) Nichts Muss is a brilliant album. How to describe it? Synthy-breath-pop-electro? No, that’s a terrible description. Sorry, Barbara.

  • Bettie Serveert – Dust Bunnies (Netherlands)

    Another way you can potentially score points is to remind me of something I haven’t heard in ages, as Graham Cox (grahamcox1991) did with this suggestion. When was the last time I listened to Bettie Serveert? Too long ago, that’s how long, because they were, and the music still is, very good indeed.

  • Boney M – Nightflight to Venus (UK*)

    There is some debate about where the phrase ‘go big or go home’ originated but whether it came from motorcycle parts or professional skiiing it certainly applies to Rachel Bentley (@freshairwild) who went big with a suggestion of Boney M. I don’t think I have ever listened to a full Boney M album before but I have absolutely zero regrets about listening to this one. Oh those Russians, as I believe Bobby Farrell said, about a completely unconnected matter.

  • Brigette Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg – Bonnie and Clyde (France)

    This album, recommended by Sarah-Clare Conlon (@wordsnfixtures) is at both incredibly modern (12 tracks and 29 minutes long is so 2020, don’t you think?) and very much of its time. There are some absolutely brilliant tracks on it. I wasn’t convinced by the one where Bardot makes whoopy zum noises though, so swings and roundabouts etc etc

  • Black Box – Dreamland (Italy)

    I thought I had got all the suggestions I was going to get when David Quinn (@davidquinn) just walked right in, walk walk walked right in ohooo ohhooo with this one. And I’m gonna get up, gonna get up, and thank him because I don’t think I’ve ever listened to the whole album before. I’m glad I did today. Not everything on it has aged as well as the best bits, but the best bits are very good.

  • B*Witched – Champagne or Guinness (Ireland)

    And then some joker, ie Tinky Winky’s Handbag (@lammypammy) (who is actually very nice so I shouldn’t call them a joker really) suggested B*Witched. Now, if they had expected me to listen to Boyzone, I might have taken offence but I don’t actually mind B*Witched. No album was specified so I chose their 2014 EP, Champagne or Guinness, which is a solid slab of pop right there.

  • Bruno Pernadas – those who throw objects at the crocodiles will be asked to retrieve them (Portugal)

    The last suggestion of the day came from William Mallin (@williammalin) who properly came up with the goods with this absolute cracker of an album. If you like being happy, and/or bands that sound a bit Stereolab-y, I heartily recommend it.

  • Belako – Render Me Numb, Trivial Violence (Spain)

    Then, because I am secretly hoping to listen to something from as many countries as possible, I listened to a couple of extra things that I had found on the internet. Belako are a post Sonic Youth rock band of the type there doesn’t seem to be enough of nowadays (though I am probably looking in the wrong places). Anyway, they are very good.

  • Bandmaster – Stay Awake EP (Latvia)

    Bandmaster are, or so I am told, Latvia’s answer to Boards of Canada. I’m not sure if that is true or not, but I liked this EP.

  • Bathory – Bathory (Sweden)

    Just before I was about to tot up the scores I got one last suggestion, this one from Sleepy (@EKRickLar). Bathory were an extreme metal band and, as such, about 80% scarier than most of the things I normally listen to. Yes, even scarier than B*Witched. I know.


As I have had so many people recommending stuff, I have decided to award points on the Saturday and the Sunday this week. So, the scores are…

  • Five points to Monsterlander, for recommending my favourite album of all the ones I hadn’t heard before. Thank you. I have put Nichts Muss back on while typing this, because it is great.
  • Four points to William Mallin, for suggesting Bruno Pernadas, which like the Barbara Morgenstern will see many more listens at my house.
  • Three points to Rachel Bentley, for taking the biggest gamble of the weekend by recommending Boney M. It was a great shout too.
  • Two points to Graham Cox, for reminding me of a band that I forgotten about that I really shouldn’t have.
  • One point to Fat Roland, for sticking to his guns, not going for the easy choice and most importantly, not letting the terrorists win.

As for the rest of you, thanks for your recommendations, I have had a great day listening to everything. Better luck next week.


*You can make an argument that Boney M were a German, Jamaican, Dutch or British and that is before you even start discussing Aruba and Montserrat. I decided that as Liz Mitchell, Marcia Barrett and Maizie Williams are all British, and I wanted Barbara Morgenstern for the German choice, Boney M would count as the UK choice. Apologies to Frank Farian for any offence this may cause.