Quarantine. Week Two.

Do you believe in divine intervention? Fate? Coincidence? How superstitious are you? How much money would it take to make you spend a night in a cemetery? Would you display this as a trophy? Ever gone mountain biking?

Sorry. Got distracted there. Where was I?

Oh, yeah. Coincidence.

Remember last week? When I said that I wasn’t coping impeccably with home schooling? Remember my plan to do a sort of ‘country of the week’ thing? I did that. I decided to start with Sweden.

Monday went well. We did the work set by school in the morning and then in the afternoon we looked at Sweden in the Amazing Maps Activity Book while listening to ABBA. Start small. Get them interested. I had Tuesday afternoon set aside for Hilma af Klint. Nothing fancy, you know, look at a few of her paintings then have a go at something similar. I was thinking the use of circles in some of her paintings might be a good place to start.


When I opened the app to see what work school had set I got a surprise. We would be doing fractions, spellings, and… Kandinsky. Specifically Kandinsky’s use of circles.

Fucking Kandinsky’s circles! Unbelievable.

Now, I am not one who would generally leap to Wikipedia as a source to quote but I think its observation on Hilma af Klimt that, “a considerable body of her abstract work predates the first purely abstract compositions by Kandinsky,” is at least worth mentioning at this point. I’m not saying he copied her, of course not, but I am saying that she was the more interesting and (oh, I’ll say it) better artist. Her use of colour compared to his? Better. That’s all I need to say, I think. Covers just about everything.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is, just like 20th Century civilisation, my daughter’s brain was unfairly introduced to Kandinsky before Klimt and had become bored with the whole concept of abstract art before they got to the good stuff.

And I’ll be honest. I lost heart. We didn’t even make cinnamon buns. I’m a terrible teacher.

Next week is technically the Easter holidays. There is talk of ‘tidying’ a bedroom, which I am strongly in favour of.


If you aren’t familiar with Hilma af Klint, and would like to be, then click this link here for a really good introduction to her work. And, in the interest of fairness, if you would like to learn more about Kandinsky, click here.