The Best Music Recommender In The World (Bands beginning with B, Rest of the World)

Well, well, well. Over the weekend, twenty of you recommended albums, most of which I hadn’t heard before. This is turning out to be one of the best ideas I have ever had. You are all brilliant.

This is what I listened to today…

  • Bombino – Deran (Niger)

    I would like to thank Dave Hartley (@DHartleyWriter) for getting his pick in nice and early so that listening to this album was how I started my Sunday. It was just right for that. All setting you up for the day and everything.

  • Black Mountain – Black Mountain (Canada)

    To say this album, picked by Mark Powell (@gomark), grew on me as I listened to it is an understatement. By the time I got to Set Us Free a polite no thank you had become a quite vehement actually yes please. Lovely stuff.

  • Boredoms – Super Roots 1 (Japan)

    George Sandison (@GeorgeSandison) chose ‘any’ of the Super Roots by Boredoms so, in the interests of fairness, I went with the first one. Have you ever heard Boredoms? I hadn’t until today. Wikipedia describes them as ‘noise rock’ but, in my opinion, including the word rock in a description of their music lessens the accuracy. It also does them an injustice because the noise they makes does far more than just rock. What am I trying to say? I’m trying to say that the music of Boredoms is a manic, shouty, chaotic mess and also, I loved it.

  • Boo! – TNTLC – (South Africa)

    This was suggested by Eclectic Eel (@zang808). I don’t know why I was expecting it to be a punk album, but I was. [The exclamation mark, maybe.] It was actually quite a poppy record and one that I kept almost, but not quite, getting into as I listened to it. I might need more than one listen.

  • Built to Spill – Keep It Like a Secret (USA)

    Lots of people suggested albums from the US but I went with this one because, a) I hadn’t heard it before and, b) Georgia Boon (@GeorgiaGabriell) has, on more than one occasion, bought me delicious cheese. [Look, I never said selection would be a totally impartial process. If you don’t like it, buy me some cheese.] Anyway, I’m glad I picked it because I experienced quite strong hey-Built-to-Spill-where-have-you-been-all-my-life? feelings while listening to it.

  • Baloji – Hotel Impala (DRC Congo)

    Winner of five points last week, Picky Bastards (@PickyBastards) recommended this album that he himself admitted was hit and miss (though I would say more hit than miss). I didn’t like the one with the backing singers saying it was time to get sexy, and as an album it is probably twenty minutes too long, but the good bits are really really good.

  • Buena Vista Social Club – Buena Vista Social Club (Cuba)

    Barngates Brewery (@Barngates) suggested this, let’s be honest, absolute classic.

  • Bob Marley – Soul Revolution (Jamaica)

    Who would have thought that a man of Rob Cutforth’s (@RobCutforth) natural inclination toward world-weary grumpiness would have chosen an album so full of the joy of life. It’s always the quiet ones, I guess. This may have been the first time I have ever listened to a Bob Marley album, which is ridiculous when you think about it. Soul Revolution is, as you no doubt already know, a very good record.

  • Bossa Rio – Bossa Rio (Brazil)

    expletive undeleted (@undeleted) knows his music. I knew that already. So it was no surprise to me that Bossa Rio was a gem, untarnished by over fifty years in existence.

  • Bajofondo – Mar Dulce (Argentina/Uruguay)

    The last suggestion of the day came from Sam Whyte (@SamWhyte). Unfortunately, tango is something that I have never quite got to grips with, so it wasn’t a choice that was likely to score many points. I didn’t hate it, but my dreary West Midlands brain struggled to understand its innate sensuality. Soz and that.

  • Bomba Estéreo – Estella (Colombia)

    So, to get closer to my goal of listening to something from as many countries as possible before we get to Z, I listened to this. To dissuade any notions that I have heard of this band because I’m cool in any way, I first heard them on the soundtrack to FIFA 10. It’s a pretty good album though.

  • BTS – Wings (South Korea)

    OK, so I told Fat Roland (@FatRoland) because I had so many suggestions this week he could only have one pick but he persevered, saying, and I quote, “one point is not enough. I am ambitious. I want more. I deserve more..” and then he recommended this album, and it is a bit of a banger, so I am torn as to how to proceed…

OK. That’s enough listening to music. Let’s get to the points. It was really hard to choose who got what today because I really liked loads of the albums. Thanks to everyone who suggested something. I wish I could give you all points, but I can’t, so here’s who did get them…

  • Five points go to Georgia Boon for introducing me to Built to Spill.
  • Four points go to George Sandison for taking a risk on a very noisy thing that warmed my heart.
  • Three points go to Dave Hartley for bringing joy to the start of my day.
  • Two points go to expletive deleted for a great choice that I will definitely listen to again.
  • One point goes to Mark Powell for yet another excellent choice.

    It really was a good day for me finding new music. Thanks again to everyone.

    Controversially, I am also awarding…

  • One point to Sam Whyte because I feel guilty about having a blind spot in my ability to listen to music.
  • Minus two points to Fat Roland because he tried to get a second go after I said he couldn’t and I can’t be having that sort of truculence stinking up what is supposed to be a fun activity for all the family.