Quarantine. Week Three.

Been up to much?


Well, I have. This week I visited friends, bought non-essential items from the shops, went on several walks every day, and even popped off for a quick holiday or two.

Not in real life. Obviously, not in real life. In real life I have done almost nothing. In real life I am about 30% sofa now, and 5% crisps. In real life I look forward to having a quick glance at what is in the Middle of Lidl in the way I used to look forward to record shop sales.

But in the beautiful world of Animal Crossing* I am free to go wherever I like. Free to shoot down whatever present on whichever balloon I fancy. Free to fish, to farm, to forage, to feel.

I mean sure, I owe a raccoon three hundred grand but doesn’t everybody, when you think about it?


*It’s a computer game. Get with the program, grandad.