Ben’s Brilliant Best Albums of the 1990s. No. 73. The Lemonheads – It’s a Shame About Ray

There was a time when I thought doing a series of posts about the best albums of the nineties would help me get better at writing about music and that, you know, with the singing and playing instruments and everything.

It hasn’t. Obviously.

I’m going to persevere, because what else have I got to do with my evenings, but I’m happy enough for you to skip them. There are only so many times you can watch an idiot point at a record and grunt, “I think good,” at you before it becomes tiresome.

We can, at least, agree that It’s a Shame About Ray is good. I think good and you think good. It is good. How good is it? Oh, I’d say very. I’d say I think very good. It has Juliana Hatfield on backing vocals. I think that is good. It features some very good songs and that is a very good thing, I think. I know. Evan Dando can write a good song which is very good. On this album there are twelve.

I think good.