The Best Music Recommender in the World (Bands beginning with D, Europe)

It’s week four of lockdown and by the sound of the choices today, you guys are in a bit of a gloom. This was definitely the most serious selection yet. There wasn’t a lot you could, you know, dance to. Anyway, here is what I listened to today (and a quick suggestion of something a bit more cheery by way of a bonus).

  • Claude Debussy/Dan Golding – Untitled Goose Game, original soundtrack (France)

    OK, so the soundtrack to the Untitled Goose Game (as suggested by Tom Mason) doesn’t sound like a very serious choice but it is basically classical music, which is for posh people.

  • Dream Wife – Dream Wife (Iceland)

    Last week, current runaway leader Picky Bastards queried whether Dream Wife were Icelandic enough to count as the Iceland choice (they were), nominated them, and then started counting his five points before they hatched. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of the album. It’s a shame because there was an Icelandic choice that would have given him five easy points. If only he had gone with Nótt Á Hafsbotni by dj. flugvél og geimskip, eh? Still. You live and learn, Picky Bastards. You live and learn.

  • Division of Laura Lee – Das Not Compute (Sweden)

    This album (recommended by Graham Cox) was new to me and I quite liked it. I suspect I would have liked it even more at a louder volume but being quarantined in a terraced house I am limited to what I can achieve.

  • David Kitt – The Big Romance (Ireland)

    This was the choice of Slugger. My wife likes David Kitt. I haven’t been won round to him yet, but anything that makes her happy is a good thing in my eyes, so points will be awarded.

  • DJ Koze – Amygdala (Germany)

    Not all of you will have seen the shenanigans that Fat Roland got up to this week. So…

    In a nutshell… Dave Hartley made two suggestions, one for Canada and one for Germany (which was DJ Koze). Fats said it was a shame because he had a Germany choice too (which was Der Dritte Raum). I suggested Dave have the Canada choice and Fats have the Germany choice. Everyone agreed. Everyone was happy. Fats then changed his choice from Der Dritte Raum to DJ Koze. It was quite Machiavellian of him. You have to respect it really, however begrudgingly.

    Or at least it would have been, if I was a huge fan of DJ Koze, which I’m not especially. He’s ok, sure, he’s ok, but he’s no Der Dritte Raum.

  • DakhaBrakha – Light (Ukraine)

    It is to jummo70’s credit that he has continued to suggest things after I didn’t award him any points for suggesting Debut by Björk when we did the Bs despite the fact that Björk is my favourite musician. I think that, because I love Björk so much, I thought it was a bit of an obvious choice but it wasn’t. Nobody else suggested her. I have felt guilty about this ever since.

    And I really am happy that he stuck around because he won this week. It wasn’t even close.

  • Demis Roussos – Come All Ye Faithful (Greece)

    I genuinely haven’t a clue whether Socrates Adams suggested this as a joke or if he genuinely loves the way Demi Roussos interpreted Christmas carols but… well…

    I try to say something positive about every choice… so… let’s go with… Socrates Adams wrote A Modern Family, which is one of the best novels of the last decade, and he is also a really nice guy, and I like him, and I like that he chose an album, and it is spring, the air is full of bird song and new life is bursting from every tree.

    The album is dog shit though. Sorry.

  • David Bowie – Black Star (UK)

    OK. Luke warm hot take coming up and everything, but… the last David Bowie album I liked was the Labyrinth soundtrack. The stuff he did in the 70s. No question. Amazing. Five points right there. Labyrinth soundtrack? Five points right there. But the stuff since the Labyrinth soundtrack? Wevs.

    Bowie seemed to get stuck in a what-about-drum-and-bass-but-you-don’t-want-to-dance-to-it? rut about twenty years ago and never really got out of it. It’s still present here in the ones that sound a bit like Radiohead but not as good. I’m being unfair, but you know what I mean. Black Star, which I hadn’t actually listened to before today, is undeniably a better album than Earthling, or something like that, and maybe after a few more listens it would be something I love but… I’m not going to listen to it again, am I?

    Actually, I did quite like that Hello Spaceboy thing he did with Pet Shop Boys.

  • dEUS – Worst Case Scenario (Belgium)

    I saw dEUS live twice you know. Once supporting Placebo (which in hindsight seems quite an odd mix but it seemed to work at the time) and once headlining a gig in Hanley. So they were always going to be a safe choice. I’m more of an The Ideal Crash man than a Worst Case Scenario man, because I like the incessant swirling of it all, but docking points for picking the wrong album would be pretty churlish.

  • Diron Animal – Alone (Portugal)

    Well, after that lot I needed a warm bath in something joyful. I needed a dance and a smile. I needed a drink. I settled for this mix of kuduro, dance, funk, and other good things. I heartily recommend it if you fancy cheering yourself up with a dance in the kitchen while doing the washing up or something like that.

    But enough about me. Let’s do some scores.

  • Five points to jummo70 for picking the best album of the day by a country mile.
  • Four points each to James Hannah and Chris AKA ‘Pet Idiot’ who suggested Worst Case Scenario at exactly the same time.
  • Three points to Graham Cox for the one I wanted to play louder.
  • Two points to Slugger for the already established sentimental reasons.
  • One point to Fat Roland for a half decent stab at picking a good German pick.


  • Two bonus points to jummo70 by way of an apology for the whole Björk thing.
  • One bonus point to Tom Mason for being dead sophisticated and fancy with his classical music.
  • MINUS FOUR POINTS to Fat Roland for stealing Dave’s choice in a manner that was discourteous and, frankly, unbecoming.