Quarantine. Week Five.

I reckon I’ve got this teaching thing down now. Not actual teaching. I’m not claiming that I’m qualified teacher now or anything ridiculous like that. But quarantine-style home schooling. I got that covered. Boom!

The trick, I think, is lowering your ambition. You have years to introduce your child to all the things they need to know. A summer when they are mostly trapped indoors and have almost no interaction with their friends is not the time. Do the maths sheet, learn the spellings, read the book, and then fuck it off until tomorrow. Turn the TV on. Introduce them to Studio Ghibli or Crackerjack or whatever else you can find that entertains an adult as much as a seven-year-old. Get yourself to Animal Crossing. Catch a golden trout together and put the proceeds toward that red zen bridge you let Tom Nook commission. Whatever it takes to keep everyone happy.