The Best Music Recommender in the World (bands beginning with E, rest of the world)

Here we are then, at part two of DOUBLE POINTS WEEK. Bands beginning with E from everywhere except Europe. Let’s do this.

  • EEK – Kahraba (Egypt)

    At seven o’clock this morning, when I started the day with this album (recommended by DOCTOR PRINCESS IN ISOLATION btw) my brain was very much, “Oh my wow. What is this, me? What is this?” Kahraba was quite the sonic cold shower of an album to start the day with, full on and made out of some genre of music I’ve never even heard before. It takes a minute or so to click with (what with it being so unusual and that) but stick with it because when it does click, boy oh boy, this is an album and a half. Proper blimey. So good.

  • Edja Kungali – African Rhythm-N-Ology (Togo)

    Neal recommended an album that I can find almost no reference to online. He said he thought Edja Kungali is/was from Togo but if that is wrong let me know and I can change things. For now, we’ll just go with it, yeah?

    The music is the important bit anyway, and that is something we can be more definitive about. The music bloody great. It’s jazz, in a nutshell, if you want an idea of what it sounds like. Very good jazz.

  • Exuma – Exuma, The Obeah Man (The Bahamas)

    Yep. William Mallin has done it again. How has this album passed me by my entire life? Exuma himself described his music as sounding like “all music that has ever been written and all music not yet written” and you know what? I don’t think that is very far from the truth.

  • Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou – Ethiopiques vol. 21 (Ethiopia)

    ogmor boldly proclaimed he wasn’t interested in the points when recommending this, they just wanted me to listen to it, which makes things easier for me because there are a lot of good records this week and not everything can score points. I listened to it and I liked it. Everyone is happy.

  • Emmy the Great – First Love (Hong Kong)

    A solid choice from Richard Jones. Is Hong Kong a country? Was Equestria last week? Do labels like ‘country’ even matter? Who knows.

  • Eiko Ishibashi – The Dreams My Bones Dream (Japan)

    I listened to this album (recommended by JimPeeeeeeeeeee) while having my lunch. It made everything taste at least sixty percent more intriguing than it ordinarily would. It was only a cheese sandwich and a bag of crisps, but with this playing? Intriguing. Well intriguing. The power of music, eh?

  • The Eels – Daisies of the Galaxy (USA)

    Two people suggested The Eels, jummo70 and Rufus Hound. I was disinclined to put them on the playlist today because I’ve never really warmed to them as a band, but when Waffle the actual Wonder Dog recommends an album, well, who among us can resist that pull.

    And you know what? It’s a good album. I think that perhaps The Eels just came along at a time in my life when I wasn’t ready for them and now, older, perhaps wiser, I am ready. I’m ready for The Eels, y’all. I’m ready for The Eels.

    NB any points awarded for Eels will go to both people who suggested them. That seems the fairest way of doing it.

  • Ezra Furman – Transangelic Exodus (USA)

    Ezra Furman makes me feel old. Not in a particularly bad way, I am old-ish, I know that. But she makes me notice I am a bit of a fuddy duddy nowadays. I will never be fabulous again, if I ever was, which I suspect I wasn’t. Is that the music’s fault or mine? Mine. I guess. Mine.

    And the music is good. It just makes me a bit mournful for a youth I’m not sure I even ever had.

    Actually, who am I kidding. Back in the late nineties, at indie discos in my velvet trousers and skinny-fit sky-blue ‘Take That Love You’ t-shirt, I was pretty fucking fabulous.

  • Ebo Taylor – Love and Death (Ghana)

    I thought I had heard the definitive song about liking large bums but I was wrong. Move over Sir Mixalot, there is a new king in town.

    This album is a blast. As Slugger said when recommending it, it is perfect for a sunny day. If you don’t have a listen to it at some point this week you are (and apologies here for the strong language) a fucking nincompoop.

  • Emperismo – Revolución Libertaria (Mexico)

    It had to happen sooner or later. Somebody recommended an album that isn’t on my streaming service or on YouTube. The only reference I could find to it online was a cassette copy of it on discogs.

  • Elysia Crampton presents: Demon City by Elysia Crampton (Aymara/US/Bolivia)

    Dave Hartley popped up at the last minute to suggest this mini masterpiece (masterpiece if you don’t count the one song that I wasn’t sure about, with the baaar baaar baar bits on it, which we won’t, because it might grow on me, who knows)

And the points will be awarded as follows…

  • Ten points to DOCTOR PRINCESS IN ISOLATION. Nobody was going to top that, were they.
  • Eight points to Slugger for what was possibly the most joyous choice of the weekend.
  • Six points to William Mallin for yet another absolute classic. Where does he get those wonderful toys?
  • Four points to Neal for the tasty jazz.
  • Two points to Daniel Carpenter, even if his excellent choice made me a bit sad about my lost youth.


  • Six bonus points to Sam Whyte for choosing a punk record so punk that it doesn’t exist on the internet.
  • Four points each to Rufus Hound and jummo70 for being part of one of my very favourite television programmes, Doctor Who. I know technically jummo70 hasn’t been in Doctor Who (yet?), I did say they would get the same amount of points.
  • Two bonus points to JimPeeeeeeeeee for making my sandwich more interesting than it might have been.