Birds from your window. Starling.

I always feel that language, especially the names of animals, will be more drawn from folklore than it actually is. Starling seems a perfect description of a bird that will clearly grow up to become a night sky but there is no evidence to suggest that is where there name comes from, or at least none I could see on Wikipedia. The names of most animals derive from how good they are to eat (guinea pig, spiny anteater) or the sound they make (chiffchaff, howler monkey) or are just bad descriptions of what they look like (white-fronted goose, long-eared owl). Humans are pretty basic.

Starlings do look like the night sky though. Black with white spots, glistening and iridescent. Do you need more help identifying one? Look no further.

Starling (Sturnus vulgaris)

  • Black
  • White spots
  • Glistening
  • Iridescent
  • Unless it is a young one, in which case it is brown, and a bit fluffier.