The Best Music Recommender in the World (bands beginning with F, Europe)

F me, we’re only on the effing Fs!

  • Fatima Mansions – Viva Dead Ponies (Ireland)

    Ireland proved incredibly popular this week, but there was only one choice that immediately sprang to mind when I was looking for something to wake me up on a Saturday morning. I have jummo70 to thank for the suggestion, and thank him I very much do. I would have preferred Lost in the Former West, but beggars can’t be choosers.

  • First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar (Sweden)

    Richard Jones broke his habit of the last few weeks by recommending an album from an actual country that is actually in actual atlases and everything. Good for him, I say. Good for him. And, to sweeten the pill even further, it was not only a good album but one that I really should have listened to earlier. I am a big fan of Ruins but for some reason haven’t got round to their earlier albums. Well, I am a third of the way through that job now, and not disappointed. Good work all round.

  • Agnetha Faltskog – My Colouring Book (Sweden)

    I had an idea for a sitcom while listening to this album, that was recommended by Adrian Slatcher. Two guys (me and Adrian, basically) find themselves (due to hilarious circumstances) sharing a two bedroom flat and (and this is the important bit) only one record player. Each episode one of us goes out to do some hilarious errand or other, only to find the other one listening to one of their favourite albums when they return. I think the sitcom will be called, ‘Mate, what the fuck are you listening to now?’

    Do you know what though? I strongly suspect that before we get to Z, Adrian is going to win with one of his suggestions. And then I will feel bad for all the terrible things I have said about his choices up to that point. Because his recommendations are always interesting. Always different. And I really should be less of a dick about them.

    And so, because he is still recommending things even after what I said about Collage, I am making a commitment, right now, that if he ever does win a week I will quadruple his points for that week. Yep. You heard it here first. Things just got interesting.

  • For a Minor Reflection – Reistu Þig Við, Sólin Er Komin Á Loft… (Iceland)

    Plashing Vole recommended For a Minor Reflection but didn’t specify an album so I just picked their first one, which might have been a terrible mistake on my part, but I guess I’ll never know as I’m not about to listen to another one. Sorry. That sounds a lot meaner than I wanted it to. For a Minor Reflection sounded, to my ears, a bit like Mogwai, who are a band I have just never clicked with at all. If you like Mogwai (and I know a lot of people do) maybe give them a go. If nothing else you can send me an angry message about how they sound nothing like Mogwai, actually, and how, specifically, I am an ass hat for thinking they do.

  • Falco – Einzelhaft (Austria)

    Sleepy wasn’t enthusiastic enough about Falco to recommend an album, saying, “I can’t say I’m a big fan, but the song Der Kommisar has a certain appeal and provokes college nostalgia.” I think that is probably a very sensible take on Falco – be fondly nostalgic about one track (The Sound of Musik for me) and largely unmoved by the rest of his back catalogue. I picked the album that Der Kommisar is on. I quite liked Der Kommisar. I was largely unmoved by the rest of the album.

  • Fionn Regan – The Bunkhouse Vol.I: Anchor Black Tattoo (Ireland)

    It is, in my opinion, a big risk suggesting an album that largely one person and a guitar. It will either be five points or none. Picky Bastards has done well on this gambit before but today it didn’t pay off. Sorry, mate.

  • Münchener Freiheit – Fantasie (Germany)

    Once Mat Pringle was familiar with the rules of the game, he wanted to change his suggestion from a band he only knew one song by to Fotheringay. That would have definitely been a good move, had I allowed it, but I needed a Germany choice so he was out of luck. I do feel bad about this. Genuinely. The album wasn’t great. Not terrible, but certainly no Fotheringay. Oh well. Next week, eh?

    (ps. for those questioning their inclusion under F, according to Wikipedia, “Münchener Freiheit (known sometimes simply as Freiheit) is a German pop and rock band”.

  • Fine Young Cannibals – The Raw & the Cooked (UK)

    Donna Morris wanted to nominate First Aid Kit too but spotted they were already taken and went for Finest by Fine Young Cannibals. For some reason, Finest isn’t available on my streaming service so (as I am far too lazy to make a playlist with the same tracks on) I listened to The Raw & the Cooked instead because, let’s face it, it’s the one with all the bangers on anyway.

  • Fluke – Risotto (UK)

    Track nine on this album, Squirt (Risotto Vox) features a noise that sounds like Alan Partridge saying the word spike in the sentence, “I’ve pierced my foot on a spike!” Makes you think.

  • Front 242 – 05:22:09:12 Off by Front 242 (Belgium)

    Graham Cox threw caution to the wind by recommending Front 242. It was never going to pay off but by blummin’ bejesus you have to admire his commitment to the cause. Also, he did actually have a decent Irish choice first, by The Frank and Walters, but I had too many Irish suggestions this week so I couldn’t get it in.

    Incidentally, my mom likes The Frank and Walters, and might even have suggested them for this week, had I not been quite so dismissive of her Corrs suggestion three week ago.

Anyway, enough of that, let’s do the scores…

  • Five points to Richard Jones for getting me to play something great that I should have listened to years ago.
  • Four points to Fat Roland, and only partly for the spiiiike thing. Risotto is a great album too.
  • Three points to jummo70 for recommending a really good album, even if I did have to listen to it one track at a time on YouTube because I couldn’t find my copy.
  • Two points to Donna Morris for an album that brought me joy on a day when so many brought me only woe.
  • One point to Adrian Slatcher for an album I didn’t actually mind that much and did have it’s moments, even if the cover of Fly Me to the Moon was ghastly.


  • Three bonus points to Mat Pringle for accidentally making me listen to a quite ropey German album by mistake.
  • Two bonus points to Sleepy for the Falco memories.
  • One bonus point to Graham Cox for having the chutzpah to recommend Front 242, of all people.