The Best Music Recommender in the World (bands beginning with F, rest of the world)

I’m the last person who would tell you to F the world but today it was, in one sense at least, unavoidable. Let’s just do it, yeah.

  • Filter Happier – Trying to Rush Everything (Lebanon)

    When I started this idea, I only had a couple of suggestions so I did a bit of research on stuff I could include. Now I get more recommendations than I have time to listen to them. However, it would be pretty churlish not to share this dream-pop band that I found with you as I think that (going off your UK and US choices) a lot of you will rather like it. Anyway, let’s get on with the competition.

  • Fishmans – Long Season (Japan)

    For, I think, the first time ever, I liked William Mallin’s choice but it didn’t blow me away. I suspect this thirty-five minute song (which in my opinion was more like two songs with a middle-y bit) needed more than one listen. I will definitely be giving it another go at some point.

  • Fucked Up – The Chemistry of Common Life (Canada)

    There are big holes in my musical knowledge and one of the biggest is what rock music was doing this century. Chris Bissette is doing a nice job of helping me fill in the gaps and while I don’t love everything he recommends I very much enjoy eroding my ignorance. I liked most of this one though and shall be giving it a couple more listens at some point.

  • Funkadelic – Maggot Brain (USA)

    As soon as George Sandison nominated this I put it on the playlist. A classic album that I had never heard before? Yes please. However, as with the Fishmans, I think it is a record that needs repeated listens to reveal its true value. I feel bonus points brewing…

  • FM Attack – Deja Vu (Canada)

    Dave Hartley brought the, what shall we call them, nostalgesque vibes? No, nostalgesque sounds too pretentious, sorry. I’m trying to describe those bands that on one level sound like they are from another decade but on close inspection couldn’t be. FM Attack are hugely invested in the 1980s but their Pet Shop Boys meet Daft Punk sound would have been pretty much impossible to produce then so, they are also very ‘now’. I’m waffling a bit and I apologise for that. ‘Are they any good?’ is what you want to know. Well, Mr Impatient Pants, yes, yes they are. Very good indeed. I would have thought that was obvious from the Pet Shop Boys meet Daft Punk description, no?

  • Fractures – Still Here (Australia)

    I liked the kind-of Bon Iver feel of this album recommended by Em (not to be confused with em from last week) but it eventually got a bit much for a Sunday locked in the attic on my own trying to work and I got a bit sad so I turned it off. Under less quarantine-y conditions, I think it might have won some points, which is unfair really, but so is life.

  • Flower Travellin Band – Anywhere (Japan)

    I saw the cover to this album, recommended by Saul Hay Gallery, and got my hopes up way too high, imagining what an acid trip might have done to the minds of countercultural Japan or something. Instead it was four cover versions. Good cover versions, but still.

  • Fumaça Preta – Fumaça Preta (several countries, almost certainly including Venezuela, I think)

    I have had a one person, one pick per weekend rule since we got to the Bs but I will occasionally make an exception. Yesterday, Mat Pringle accidentally recommended a (not very good) German album he had never heard. We all make mistakes, but we don’t all get the chance to redeem ourselves. I thought I would give him a chance.

    And, well, by biscuits he took it. Consider yourself redeemed to the absolute maximum. The amount of, “Wait. Did they just?” moments this album fits into forty two minutes is uncanny. Lovely stuff.

  • Fobia – Leche (Mexico)

    After last week’s Mexican band that didn’t exist anywhere but on cassettes, somewhere, Sam Whyte recommended a band who were on my streaming service (albeit if not the first album by them she chose). This one very nearly got some points for her. Maybe the first one she chose would have. Life truly is cruel.

  • Fela Kuti – Zombie (Nigeria)

    It was always going to be impossible to follow that EEK album from last week. I don’t know Fela Kuti at all, and DOCTOR PRINCESS IN ISOLATION suggested a couple of other albums before this one (That I couldn’t find. Damn you, streaming service!) so for all I know he may have got points with one of them.

  • K. Frimpong and His Cubano Fiestas – K. Frimpong and His Cubano Fiestas (Ghana)

    Slugger had an Irish suggestion yesterday that may or may not have done better than Picky Bastards’ choice (point-wise it couldn’t have done worse) and a Canadian choice after I had already listened to two albums from Canada. Third time lucky though eh? For me, anyway. Because I got to listen to this album for the first time.

  • The second choice from the US, a random choice from…

    As I have already mentioned, Maggot Brain piqued my interest straight away but of the other four people on the leaderboard who went with choices from the US there could only be one in competition. So I did a random selection from Love by Flipper (expletive undeleted) Stuck on Nothing by Free Energy (Mark Powell) King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime by Faith No More (Chris AKA ‘Pet Idiot’) and In a Priest Driven Ambulance by The Flaming Lips (Georgia Boon) and the winner was…

  • Faith No More – King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime (USA)

    Which was a lucky escape for Georgia Boon because I listened to that Flaming Lips album in the week and I don’t like to award negative points if I can help it but sheeeeeeeezzzz.

    Anyway, Faith No More. I absolutely love Faith No More.

    You know that bit in You Bet Your Life when contestants said the secret word and they won a prize? No? Well there was this quiz show called You Bet Your Life and if contestants said a ‘secret word’ they won a prize. Anyway, there are bands that I love so much that they are just going to get you some points if you recommend them. Sorry. There just are. For F they were Frank Ocean, The Four Tops, and Faith No More.

  • Falz – Moral Instruction (Nigeria)

    While I was working out the scores I listened to this, which I found by Googling ‘best hip hop Africa’ or something similar. It took like thirty seconds or whatever. No effort at all. The internet is awesome.

Points time…

  • Five points go to Mat Pringle. It was no contest really.
  • Four points go to Chris AKA ‘Pet Idiot’. “Being good it gets you stuff.”
  • Three points go to Dave Hartley, for the unbridled joy of it all.
  • Two points go to Slugger who, after having Irish and Canadian choices blocked, still managed to come up with the goods.
  • One point goes to Chris Bissette for continuing to broaden my musical knowledge.


  • Two bonus points for Em because it wasn’t their fault I was emotionally unready for their choice.
  • One bonus point for both William Mallin and George Sandison in recognition that their choices needed more than one listen by me but, if I was a more sophisticated listener, they may have got more points today.