Ben’s Brilliant Best Albums of the 1990s. No. 65. Scarce – Dead Sexy

Everyone has got one of these.

When you are sixteen or so, a band will arrive from nowhere and suddenly be everywhere. Then, record companies will find any band that sound even slightly like that band, sign them, and put out a record. You, being a fan of that first band, will buy lots of these albums. Some you will love and some you won’t. Some will be big and some won’t. One you will love but nobody else will and they will all but disappear except in your heart.

(Of course, with streaming it is all different. If you are sixteen now then things won’t disappear in the same way. And there is a chance, of course, that all those forgotten albums of the 1990s will find their way onto Spotify and Amazon too.)

Anyway, this is my the one. I suspect that if fate hadn’t dealt the band such a raw deal (vocalist/guitarist Chick Graning suffered a brain aneurysm just as the band were establishing themselves and had to relearn how to walk, talk, sing, and play guitar) they would have been far bigger at the time and you would be all like, well obviously Scarce were great.

And they were great, obviously. If you haven’t heard them can I recommend buying a secondhand cd or something? Imagine what Arcade Fire might have sounded like if they had existed in the mid-90s and there were only three of them, and they had their hearts on their sleeves in a slightly different way. If that sounds good have a look on ebay, or something.