The Best Music Recommender in the World (G, Mega all-in version)

So, as you may have noticed, I wasn’t well last week. I wasn’t particularly ill. I just had a stinking headache. But I didn’t think it was fair to anyone to start proclaiming albums good or bad at a  time when any sound above the birds chirruping in the garden was setting my teeth on edge and making me want to burn the world down. I’m better now, obviously.

I didn’t want to waste the extra week though, so I opened the floodgates to as many albums by bands beginning with G as possible. In total I listened to forty-seven albums, nominated by twenty-nine people. I then listened to three other albums, for reasons we will get to later.

The change in format has inspired a one-week-only change in scoring. I have ranked the albums I listened to from my least favourite to my favourite. My favourite album will score 39 points, my second favourite gets 38, and so on all the way down to minus 10 for the one I liked the least. If you nominated one album, you get the score the album got. If you nominated more than one album, you get the average score of the albums you nominated. I’ll round up any half points because I’m just such a super nice guy.

The lowest score anyone can receive will be zero. Two albums scoring 10 and 4 earn you a score of seven. Two albums scoring 6 and minus 12 score 0, not minus three. I’m not going to start chucking minus points about like a dick.

Does that make sense? Who cares? Let’s get on with it, yeah?

Oh, actually, before we start, the following people expressed sympathy, empathy (or at the very acknowledged my pain) last week when I said I had a headache. Sam Whyte, Sleepy, expletive undeleted, and Georgia Boon. They all get seven bonus points for being lovely people.

Starting with my least favourite…

  • Scoring -10 The Go! Team – Thunder, Lightning, Strike (Sleepy)

    Not my bag. Soz.

  • Scoring -9 Goldie Lookin’ Chain – Greatest Hits (Donna Morris)

    I’ve never really got what Goldie Lookin’ Chain were for. That’s music, I guess. You like it or you don’t. – Donna Morris scores 0

  • Scoring -8 The Gloaming – The Gloaming (Plashing Vole)

    It’s quite glum.

  • Scoring -7 Grandaddy – Sumday (Georgia Boon)

    Not for me, Clive.

  • Scoring -6 Histoire de Melody Nelson – Serge Gainsbourg (Slugger)

    I really wish I was sophisticated enough to get Serge Gainsbourg but I’m not, and so far I haven’t.

  • Scoring -5 Gilberto Gil – Expresso 2222 (Neal)

    I found this too busy, though I may have just listened to too many albums by the time I got round to it.

  • Scoring -4 The Gardener and the Tree – 69591 LAXÅ (Em)

    Quite catchy, with bits I liked and bits I didn’t.

  • Scoring -3 Guided by Voices – Be Thousand (Mat Pringle)

    I only love one Guided by Voices album. Unfortunately, it’s not this one.

  • Scoring -2 Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – The Message (Dave Hartley)

    Hugely influential. Hugely important. A bit dated though. Soz.

  • Scoring -1 Great Lake Swimmers – New Wild Everywhere (Richard Jones)

    Two people recommended albums by Great Lake Swimmers but I didn’t love either of them, at least not on one listen.

  • Scoring 0 Great Lake Swimmers – The Waves, The Wake (Em)

    This was the other one.

  • Scoring 1 Galaxie 500 – On Fire (jummo70)

    I realised this week that Galaxie 500 and Spaceman 3 were two different bands. I don’t know why I had consistently read the names as being the same for decades but I have. Consequently, I listened to Galaxie 500 for the first time ever. They’re better than Spaceman 3. – jummo70 scores 1

  • Scoring 2 Gurdjieff Folk Instruments – Komitas (George Sandison)

    Quite a lot of it sounds like something that might be playing just before two people punch the crap out of each other on Game of Thrones, though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, is it?

  • Scoring 3 Astrud Gilberto plus James Last (expletive undeleted)

    It was fine. Though I expected more, given who was recommending it. – expletive undeleted scores 3

  • Scoring 4 Goldfrapp – Felt Mountain (Hannah Hunt)

    I suspect that one day I will ‘click’ with Goldfrapp’s music and love it more than almost anything, but it hasn’t happened yet. – Hannah Hunt scores 4

  • Scoring 5 Gauche – Get Away With Gauche (Tom is alert)

    this reminded me of some stuff I liked when I was younger, and then really old for thinking that. – Tom is alert scores 5

  • Scoring 6 Gudrun Gut – I put a record on (Saul Hay Gallery)

    Probably something of a grower. Quite quiet on a first go.

  • Scoring 7 Getatchew Mekuria and The Ex – Moa Anbessa (William Mallin)

    This didn’t set my world on fire. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. – William Mallin scores 7

  • Scoring 8 Gojira – From Mars to Sirius (Chris Bissette)

    Probably a bit too loud for me.

  • Scoring 9 Goat Girl – Goat Girl (Picky Bastards)

    Pretty good, he said, damning it with faint praise. No. It’s good. It is good. We’re firmly into the stuff I liked now.

  • Scoring 10 Ġenn – Titty Monster (NOT IN COMPETITION)

    I listened to this to get a band from Malta on the list. Worth a listen if you like post-punk stuff.

  • Scoring 11 The Gotobeds – Debt Begins at 30 (Sleepy)

    Kind of like Drop Nineteens meets Poster Children, which is nice.

  • Scoring 12 Godspeed You! Black Emperor – F♯ A♯ ∞ (Georgia Boon)

    It gets a bit thoughts-after-taking-a-hit-on-your-purple-glass-bong at times but mostly this is quite interesting actually, with all the music and that. – Georgia Boon scores 3

  • Scoring 13 Goat – World Music (Mat Pringle)

    Very dance-able.

  • Scoring 14 Grazhdanskaya Oborona – Russian Field of Experiments (Sam Whyte)

    I couldn’t find the exact album. In fact, all I could find was a live album that was mixed so badly that a permanent, thin, migraine-inducing whIIRR is the loudest thing on the record. It made me so angry that I smashed up our whole political system immediately, but then I put it together again because I needed Big Pharma to sort me out with an ibuprofen. Mixed results then, punk-wise, I’d say. Good band though. – Sam Whyte scores 14

  • Scoring 15 Giant Sand – Chore of Enchantment (Slugger)

    A good, solid album. Good and solid. – Slugger scores 5

  • Scoring 16 Gigi – Gigi (NOT IN COMPETITION)

    I found this Indonesian band by mistake while looking for the Ethiopian Gigi by Gigi. Track one, Anugerah Dari Cinta, is an absolute banger. Think, something off a Karate Kid soundtrack or something.

  • Scoring 17 Galaxy Juice – Pantagonia (NOT IN COMPETITION)

    I needed a band from Kuwait for completism reasons. This is the one I chose.

  • Scoring 18 Gwenno – Le Kov (Richard Jones/Plashing Vole)

    Two people chose Gwenno, and I can see why, because this is a very good album. – Plashing Vole scores 5, Richard Jones scores 9

  • Scoring 19 Gary Sloan and Clone – Harmonitalk (Saul Hay Gallery)

    Lost eighties electronic harmonica album anyone? It’s a yes from me.

  • Scoring 20 Gogol Bordello – Gypsy Punk Underdog World Strike (George Sandison)

    I probably should have got round to seeing these live. I heard very good things. Oh well, too old now (thumbs up emoji) – George Sandison scores 9

  • Scoring 21 Gal Costa – Gal Costa (Mat Pringle)

    This was good too. Sorry for not going into a lot of detail but this post is already unwieldy as fuck. I probably should have split it over two days. Too late now of course.

  • Scoring 22 Grlwood – Daddy (Sleepy)

    My favourite of Sleepy’s three choices. Nice and shouty. – Sleepy scores 8

  • Scoring 23 Group Listening – Clarinet and Piano: Selected Works, Vol. 1 (Iain McGregor)

    Dead sophisticated this one. Very nice too. – Iain McGregor scores 23

  • Scoring 24 The Ghost of a Thousand – This is Where the Fight Begins (Chris Bissette)

    Proper bracing. – Chris Bisette scores 16

  • Scoring 25 Ghostigital – In Cod We Trust (Graham Cox)

    That shouty bloke from The Sugarcubes. Now with added Mark E. Smith. Go on then. Yes please. – Graham Cox scores 25

  • Scoring 26 Gong – Angels Egg (Sean Rhodes)

    This was quite Kevin Ayers-y in parts, which is something I positively encourage. – Sean Rhodes scores 26

  • Scoring 27 Global Communication – 76:14 (Fat Roland)

    He (correctly) suspected it wouldn’t top my list but there was never any doubting it would do well. Lovely sounds all over. – Fat Roland scores 27

  • Scoring 28 Glass Animals – Zaba (Em)

    Em nominated this and then later, two more. Consequently they have been totally screwed by the scoring system. Should have stuck with your gut instinct, there. Could have had 28 points! Soz, mate. – Em scores 8

  • Scoring 29 Gatekeeper – Giza (Socrates Adams)

    Well, this one caught me off guard. It’s all sci-fi soundtrack spooky. Lovely stuff. – Socrates Adams scores 29

  • Scoring 30 Ghostpoet – Dark Days + Canapes (Picky Bastards)

    There were so many good albums this week. Ghostpoet is somebody I need to listen to more. I knew the odd song but I need to explore. Really good recommending here. – Picky Bastards scores 20

  • Scoring 31 Gorillaz – Demon Days (Dave Hartley)

    The best Gorillaz songs are split pretty evenly between the albums (with Sweepstakes the best of all, obvz). Demon Days has a fair few goodies on it though. – Dave Hartley scores 15

  • Scoring 32 The Go-Betweens – Spring Hill Fair (Adrian Slatcher)

    I knew he could do it. Adrian Slatcher smacks one OUT THE PARK! There’s absolutely no arguing with The Go-Betweens. – Adrian Slatcher scores 32

  • Scoring 33 Gil Scott Heron – I’m New Here (Daniel Carpenter)

    An interesting choice of Gil Scott Heron album (Pieces of a Man would have swept the whole thing) but still an out-and-out classic. – Daniel Carpenter scores 33

  • Scoring 34 Gigi – Gigi (Neal)

    The actual Gigi by Gigi is even better than the surprise bonus Gigi by Gigi. – Neal scores 15 points

  • Scoring 35 GoGo Penguin – A Humdrum Star (Saul Hay Gallery)

    One of the tracks off this just missed out on getting on my top 40 tracks of 2018. The album starts quite slowly but once it gets going, oh my. – Saul Hay Gallery scores 20

  • Scoring 36 Girls Aloud – Chemistry (Desmond)

    I think Desmond is right when he says that, by a whisker, this is the best Girls Aloud album. – Desmond scores 36

  • Scoring 37 Girls Aloud – Ten (Dan)

    But, when it comes to a band with as many killer singles, is it wrong to pick a greatest hits album? Maybe. But if you let me listen to Love Machine, Can’t Speak French, Biology, Something Kinda Ooooh… well… you will be rewarded.

  • Scoring 38 GZA/Genius – Liquid Swords (Mat Pringle)

    While I would argue against Mat’s assertion that this is the best Wu Tang solo/spin-off album (because I have all the love in the world for Blackout! and then some more) it is undoubtedly one of the finest albums of the 90s. – Mat Pringle scores 18

  • Scoring 39 Gino Soccio – Outline (Dan)

    Not content with 37 points, long time reader, first time recommender, Dan also suggested this Canadian Disco masterpiece. The best thing about doing this whole competition is finding new stuff to listen to. I have no idea where Gino Soccio has been all my life but I will be making up for lost time over the coming weeks. – Dan scores 38