Ben’s Brilliant Best Albums of the 1990s. No. 63. Genius/GZA – Liquid Swords

How many heads did the shogun’s decapitator cut off?

If you didn’t immediately answer that question by saying, “he cut off the heads of 131 lords”, in a weird, whispered child’s voice then, arguably, you haven’t listened to Liquid Swords enough. Soz and that. I’m just saying.

In fairness though, you may have missed it at the time. It is said that Samuel Taylor Coleridge was the last man to have heard every single Wu Tang Clan solo album. Nowadays you can barely scrape the surface in a lifetime. At the last count there were nearly seven million solo albums. More if you count stuff by Wu Tang affiliates like Killah Priest, which you probably should, because what else are you going to do? Listen to Razorlight or something? Of course not. Let’s not be ridiculous.

And in other, less fair, fairnesses, Liquid Swords came out when there were only about three solo albums a year coming out. You actually don’t have that much of an excuse. I bet you own that terrible Moby album with all the stuff that ended up on adverts, so why didn’t you buy this, eh? No. Yeah. Yeah, I am talking to you. Why didn’t you buy Liquid Swords when it came out? Because you aren’t as old as me and you were three at the time? Fine. No, that’s actually a pretty good excuse. It isn’t really suitable for a three year old. There’s quite a lot of swearing. Quite a lot of violent imagery.

Oh God. I’ve mentioned an album and then not talked about it, again. Next week I’ll do better. I promise. Next week.