Ben’s Brilliant Best Albums of the 1990s. No. 64. Faith No More – King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime

  • something something was always going to be hard to follow Angel Dust with something something something
  • underrated something reputation has improved over the something something etc
  • while less obviously experimental something something bit about Cuckoo for Caca and vocal technique and whatever
  • something about the pointlessness of historical context and something something critical appraisal or ??? because something about visceral
  • check visceral means what you think it does
  • maybe put a little bit of personal nostalgia at the start? Remember Neal bought it (was it on cassette? I have a memory of it being a cassette) and said it was good but we were all into Blur or some other nonsense at the time and were having none of it
  • check the timeline on the Blur thing
  • don’t forget to say it is a really really good album
  • avoid the tiny voice in your head telling you to put that ‘it slaps’ because you have absolutely no idea what that means and you are far too old to get away with saying it
  • it does though

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