Birds from your window. Woodpigeon.

I don’t know who is in charge of bird names, exactly. Whoever it is, they recently decided wood pigeon could lose the space. Not everyone is keen on the change. The BTO website says woodpigeon, the RSPB website says wood pigeon. Go with what every makes you happy, I guess. I like woodpigeon. You can imagine an electronic band called woodpigeon but not wood pigeon. Wood pigeon would be a crap Oxbridge psychedelic band from the mid-80s made up of people who had been thrown out of different crap Oxbridge psychedelic bands in the mid-60s. The keyboardist would paint the album covers, mostly overly-sexualised nymphs and fairies in lonely woodland glades. Their albums would preach the benefits of free love, experimental drug use and distrust of the government but at least one of them would end up a shadow cabinet minister under Michael Howard. Another one of them would go bankrupt after self-publishing a fantasy novel that was frighteningly similar to The Silmarillion. Another would launch an online dating site for people who fantasise about Arthurian folklore and lose everything in the dotcom bubble of the late nineties. The drummer would probably end up as the food critic in The Spectator or something. Whatever. I’m probably overthinking this. It is interesting what difference a space between two words can make though, isn’t it?

For those of you who are interested, I see Woodpigeon as being a duo from… Ontario? They have released three albums, all solid but none of them truly great. They are best known for their song Are We? which was used as the backing for a cinema-only advert for an expensive vodka that featured lookalikes of Madonna and Barack Obama kissing passionately in a bathtub filled with tiny spiders. An advert that caused a minor stir in 2009. Internet rumours persist that they weren’t lookalikes even though they obviously were. Some people even claim that the bathtub Madonna and Obama are the ‘real’ Madonna and Obama and the ‘real’ ones are lookalikes. I dunno, man. The internet is weird.

Woodpigeon (Columba palumbus)

  • pigeon-shaped
  • but proper chunky like
  • and with a white bit on its neck
  • easily startled
  • but soon back (not necessarily in greater numbers)