The Best Music Recommender in the World (H, best album to play on a hot day)

I decided to mix things up a bit this week, with themes based around the letter H rather than bands beginning with H. I like to keep you on your toes. Today was best albums to play on a hot day. Obviously, it ended up being a not very hot day. Such is life. I used my imagination. I’ve changed the scoring system yet again which is terribly unfair but what are you gonna do, huh? Everything will even out in the end, probably. Anyway… I awarded the following scores.

  • 1 point Georgia Boon Motown Gold

    Now, obviously, the music on Motown Gold is among the best ever recorded. We all know that. But it just didn’t sit right with me, allowing a compilation album to score heavily. The more I thought about it, the more it felt like a cheat. I am going to give Georgia ten bonus points, because the music is great, but I am (unfairly or not) going to cement this attempt to game the system to the bottom of today’s list. Sorry.

  • 2 points Neal Locomodo – Locomondo (Live)

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t get very far into this two hour live album of Greek reggae. I try to listen to each album in full but this one wasn’t for me. Sorry, Neal. Sorry, Greece. Sorry, reggae.

  • 3 points David Coates Helen Love – Smash Hits

    I have always had a blind spot when it comes to Helen Love. I don’t dislike their music, or like it either, it just is. It’s a bit like dark matter: I understand it is there, and acknowledge that it must be doing something important because so many people whose opinions I trust say so, but I can’t see it, and I don’t understand how, or why, it works. Of course, me being an idiot doesn’t help David Coates any, but we are where we are.

  • 4 points Slugger Josh Rouse – 1972

    This felt more like a warm day album than a hot day album. I know how petty that sounds. Really. I do. I don’t make the rules though.*

  • 5 points Graham Cox Hot Hot Heat – Make Up the Breakdown


  • 6 points Tinky Winky’s Handbag Manic Street Preachers – The Holy Bible

    I genuinely cannot assess this album because it is one that helped me through a particularly dark time in my life, that I haven’t listened to since. Today was the first time in a very very long time that I have played it. Thankfully no bad memories came back – I think the me that needed it so badly back then no longer exists – time changes us all. It was like looking at an old photograph of people you once knew but now can’t quite place. In the interests of fairness, I’m going to add four bonus points to the six awarded.

  • 7 points Plashing Vole Honey Ltd – The Complete LHI Recordings

    Quite nice.

  • 8 points Saul Hay Gallery Augustus Pablo – Ital Dub

    Good dub.

  • 9 points Mat Pringle S.E. Rogie – Palm Wine Guitar Music

    I’ll be honest, being warned that I would “have to do your best to overlook the letching on schoolgirl lyrics though…” filled me with dread but I got a bit distracted drawing a butterfly while I was listening to it so any inappropriate lyrics there are, I missed. I didn’t want to give it any more than nine points though, just in case. You probably shouldn’t have mentioned the lyrics at all, but then I suppose if you hadn’t, and I had noticed something, your score could have been even worse.

  • 10 points Chris AKA ‘Pet Idiot’ Seu Jorge – The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions

    Yes. Proper summery this one. Good too.

  • 11 points Em Rainbow Kitten Surprise – How to: Friend, Love, Freefall

    There were tracks on this album I didn’t love but, importantly, there was also Mission to Mars which (as I mentioned earlier today on twitter) turned out to be one of those songs that fit your (my) brain perfectly and beg to be listened to on repeat. 11 points for the album but 20 bonus points for Mission to Mars.

  • 12 points William Mallin Jorge Ben Jor – A Tabua de Esmeralda

    *football commentator voice* He’s back! Last week was a disaster for the previously hotly tipped Mallin but the silky Brazilian stepped up for him and got him some much needed points!
    *normal voice* Yeah, it was good, this one.

  • 13 points Donna Morris Years & Years – Communion

    Somebody else who had a bad week last week and recovered very nicely indeed this week.

    14 points Nick Rayney Kaytranada – 99.9%

    Very good and ideal for a hot day. My wife liked this one too. I said I’d pass that on.

  • 15 points jummo70 Handsome Boy Modelling School – So…How’s Your Girl?

    I love this album but I would never have thought about it being a ‘hot day’ album. But it is. Maybe a hot evening album, if I was going to be massively fussy, but as the evening is part of a day (where by day we mean twenty-four hour period, not the opposite of night) I’m going to allow it.

  • 16 points Dave Hartley Jagwar Ma – Howlin’

    Yep. I can totally see this banging out at some festival somewhere, all lovely. An excellent choice.

  • 17 points Sleepy Big Joanie – Sistahs

    Another great pick and like the Jagwar Ma one I hadn’t heard until this week.

  • 18 points Adrian Slatcher Jonathan Richman – I, Jonathan

    So close to the win (and the promised quadruple points) but not quite there. Jonathan Richman is a perfect choice for a hot day. Full disclosure, I couldn’t track down I, Jonathan so I listened to the live album that was released last month instead and then factored the songs I knew off I, Jonathan into my deliberations. It’s an imperfect system but it was never going to beat the winner anyway so I’m sticking with it.

  • 19 points Picky Bastards Anderson .Paak – Malibu

    The obvious winner. They keep picking winners. However I am going to minus two points for incorrectly picking Malibu instead of Oxnard.

* Fine. I do make the rules.