Ben’s Brilliant Best Albums of the 1990s. No. 62. Chris Isaak – Forever Blue

The world, eh? It’s a funny old thing. Loads of people all over the place doing stuff. Sometimes they like things, sometimes they don’t. You can’t really predict what they will or won’t get into. Who could have predicted the success of Cash in the Attic or the failure of the Twix Fino? Not me.

Oh man. oh man, I miss Twix Finos so much.


At the very beginning of the 90s, people liked Chris Isaak. Wicked Game and Blue Hotel were hits. He had a cool, moody, associated-with-David-Lynch vibe going on and people were all over it. Six months later he had pretty much disappeared (in the UK at least). The next time most British people saw him was when he was Phoebe’s boyfriend in an episode of Friends and he did, if my memory can be relied on, a cover of Smelly Cat during the end sredits. More recently, one of his songs was used in a perfume advert. He does have the perfect voice for perfume ads.

When I was at university, a friend mentioned that he only knew two Chris Isaak songs but he loved them both, and he wondered why he hadn’t investigated further. I also loved both the Chris Isaak songs I knew. I too hadn’t investigated further. How many people were in the same boat? This was before streaming of course. Back then, there always seemed to be a new album you needed to buy before exploring Chris Isaak’s back catalogue. Neither of us bought a Chris Isaak album that term. Though looking back now, we did find the money for a laundry basket shaped like an ostrich, so our priorities might have been up the pipe.

That summer though, with the extra money having a job gives you, I bought a couple of his records. They were good. I’ve bought a few more since. They’re good too. It’s hard to pick a favourite but I picked this one. It’s good. I like it. I like it a lot. It’s very good. Chris Isaak is very good. If you only know Wicked Game and Blue Hotel, and you like them, maybe give this a stream or whatever.