The Best Music Recommender in the World (I, I think the best album of the last three years is…)

I have a confession to make. I put this category in because I’m nosey. I was a bit late to the streaming party, signing up sometime in 2018, so three years is roughly the period of time that I have been free to listen to anything instead of buying a couple of new cds each month. I wanted to see how your choices from this period compared to mine. Interestingly there was no crossover at all.

So now I am stuck with the futile task of ranking twenty great albums (well, mostly great, but we’ll get to that later) many of which I am hearing for the first time. And I can’t do it. I can’t. There were far too many albums that I reacted to with a, “oooh, this sounds good but ideally I would like to give it a few more listens before ranking it among those other good albums I just listened to.”

Because I would recommend giving everything (except one album, but we’ll get to that later) suggested this week a listen, with your permission (and without your permission too, obvs) I am going to distribute the points more evenly than I normally do.

The following choices all get six points…
  • Adrian Slatcher (U.S. Girls – In a Poem Unlimited)
  • Aimee Parsons (Niall Horan – Heartbreak Weather)
  • Dan (Ibibo Sound Machine – Uyai)
  • Desmond (Caroline Palochek – Pang)
  • Em (The Mountain Goats – In League With Dragons)
  • Fat Roland (Pelada – Movimiento Para Cambio)
  • Graham Cox (Pom Poko – Birthday)
  • jummo70 (Hypnic Jerks – The Spirit of the Beehive)
  • Mallen181 (Aladdin Soundtrack (2019 version))
  • Picky Bastards (Nadine Shah – Holiday Destination)
  • Sleepy  (Parquet Courts – Wide Awake!)
  • Slugger (Damien Jurado – The Horizon Just Laughed)
  • William Mallin (Weyes Blood – Titanic Rising)

All of which I really enjoyed. It didn’t seem right that one of them would get one point and another thirteen, so I split the difference. I’m sure some of you feel robbed by this, and you may well be right, but my motives are pure. Apologies for not writing about every album separately this week. There were too many that needed more listening to and thinking about.

  • 7 points go to George Sandison

    Did anyone else nominate an album they hadn’t even heard yet? No. I didn’t think so. Did anyone else send a follow up text saying, actually, having listened to IV by Innercity Ensemble it probably isn’t the best album of the last three years? No. Nobody else did that either. Because it’s utter utter madness. George Sandison did it though, and it is worth an extra point in my books.

  • 9 points go to Donna Morris

    I wasn’t expecting a nomination for Spectrum by Westlife but it happened. Now… mate… I am not listening to Westlife. Soz and that but I’m not. I spent a year making car headlamps in a factory that played Heart FM so I have heard all the Westlife I ever need to hear, which is to say, a lifetime’s worth. I have heard them sing, “You’ve found that special thing. You’re flying without wings,” and thought, “Man, those guys really love hot air balloons,” more times than I’ve had hot dinners. I can’t go back. I can’t. But I can dish out a few extra points, in the interests of fairness, just in case it is amazing.

And the following people get 15 points, for choices whose correctness immediately shook me by the lapels (presuming I have lapels, I’m not totally sure what lapels are) and said, “hello.”
  • Daniel Carpenter (Little Simz – Grey Area)
  • Dave Hartley (Janelle Monae – Dirty Computer)
  • David Coates (Lorde – Melodrama)
  • Mat Pringle (James Holden & The Animal Spirits – The Animal Spirits)
  • Nick Rayney (Marlowe – Marlowe)

There is also a bit of house keeping to do. Last week, I completely missed Slugger’s choice of record for a broken heart. Missing an album was bound to happen sooner or later but that doesn’t mean it is forgivable. I hope fifteen bonus points will ease the pain somewhat.

I mentioned earlier that my choices were different to yours. I thought, on the off chance that some of them had passed you by when they were released, you might want a quick list. If you don’t give a shit you can stop reading now. See you next week, when we will be going back to the more established system of alphabet inspired nominating. Tweet your best albums by bands/artists beginning with J to me as soon as you like.


Twenty five amazing albums, mostly from 2018 and 2019, and a lot of which you probably already know, but the new ones, oh my, they will blow your minds for realz and you’re even totally welcome, my very very super good music friends!!!!

  • Anderson .Paak – Ventura
  • The Big Moon – Walking Like We Do
  • Björk – Utopia
  • Bon Iver – i,i
  • Caroline Rose – Loser
  • Denzel Curry – TA13OO
  • Domo Genesis – Aren’t U Glad You’re U?
  • Grace Carter – Why Her Not Me E.P.
  • Haley Henderickx – I Need to Start a Garden
  • Hans Zimmer – X-Men: Dark Phoenix (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  • Inara George – Dearest Everyone
  • Idles – Joy as an Act of Resistance
  • Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour
  • Kano – Hoodies All Summer
  • Kelela – Take Me Apart
  • Kimbra – Primal Heart
  • Lip Talk – D A Y S
  • Lizzo – Cuz I Love You
  • Mike Krol – Power Chords
  • P Money – Money Over Everyone 3
  • Pusha T – Daytona
  • Rapsody – Eve
  • Shannon Shaw – Shannon in Nashville
  • Sleaford Mods – English Tapas
  • Swet Shop Boys – Sufi La