Ben’s Brilliant Best Albums of the 1990s. No. 60. AFX – Hangable Auto Bulb

What is an album anyway? Is The Great Gatsby a novel or a novella? When does a short film become a film? How small is a miniature? How long is a piece of string? Does size matter? What will the other boys say if they see it? Why has hair started to grow in my special place? Will I go blind if I touch it? Can you get pregnant from ‘snogging’? What are chunky bazookas and does it matter if I have them or not?

Wait. Sorry. I got off track there. Hangable Auto Bulb. It isn’t really an album. Strictly speaking it’s an EP not an LP, or possibly two EPs that were put together to make an album, I’m not a scientist. But in the streaming world of tomorrow that we live in today everything is an album so I’m not going to apologise for putting it on my list. Get with the playlist, Grandad. We’re all albums now.

AFX is, unsurprisingly when you think about it, an Aphex Twin side project. I prefer this album to his other stuff, mostly because of the mashed potato song, which I think is just great.